Tomato Potato Psyllid Quarantine Zones | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

There’s a new pest found in Western Australia called the tomato potato psyllid. If you think you found the pest and you live in the Perth metropolitan quarantine zone you’ll need to destroy them. You can destroy them using either organic or chemical control methods alternatively you can solarize infested plants. For more information about any of these techniques, you can look at the Department of Agriculture and Food’s website. If you live in the regional area in yellow, you will need to report it immediately, using either the MyPestGuide reporter app or sending a photo to [email protected] Or you can ring free call number 1 800 084 881 It is very important that no matter where you live you do not move plant material out of the quarantine zones. Just a reminder if you’re in the Perth metro quarantine zone please check your plants and destroy the tomato potato psyllid if you find it. If you live outside the red metropolitan zone please check your plants but don’t spray if you think you found the pest. Report it to the department immediately, that way you’ll be helping us control the spread. thank you for your support.

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