Top 10 Scary Haunted Forests You Should Never Visit

Well it’s official…I’m never going inside
of a forest ever again. There are a ton of forests around the world
that are said to be haunted. Some of them are haunted by ghosts, demons
or even strange humanoid creatures that science just can’t explain. So let’s take a hike through some of the
most haunted forests in the world. How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome
back to another most amazing video. If you are loving our scary content, be sure
to check out our sister channel Top 5 Scary Videos and tell them i sent you there. Alright, let’s dive right into our list
of the top 10 scary haunted forests you should never visit. Starting off this list, in at number 10 we
have Isla de las Munecas in Mexico. You’ve all seen these pictures before. And if you haven’t…brace yourselves because
this is some creepy stuff. (show picture of dolls hanging in trees) See,
what did I tell you? This is what nightmares are made of. Let me tell you how this creepy doll forest
started. On this island, a caretaker found the body
of a girl in one of the canals. He found a doll floating in the water and
he decided to hang it from one of the trees as some sort of tribute. He continued to hang thousands of dolls until
he drowned in the same exact spot where that girl died. Some people believe that the dolls are evil
while others say that the dolls keep the island safe. So today, lots of tourists come to visit this
island. I personally don’t see the appeal. I definitely don’t have this creepy doll
island on my bucket list. But for those people who visit the island,
they say that they can see the dolls move their eyes, heads and limbs. I guess the dolls must be possessed by evil
spirits or something but I’m not about to go there to find out. Up next, in at number 9 we have Pine Barrens. This forest spans over one million acres and
it is located in New Jersey. According to the local legend, the Jersey
Devil is known to roam around this forest. He was born in 1735 except he didn’t look
like a child. He was born with leather wings, a goats head
and hooves. He flew up the chimney and into the forest
and he has been killing livestock and creeping out the residents ever since. Locals living near the forest can hear high
pitch screams and they are too scared to ever venture into these woods because they don’t
want to come face to face with this demon. Coming into number 8 is the Wychwood Forest
in England. Hands reaching out and touching you and a
horse drawn cart carrying a couple and their crying children. These are just a few of the things that you
will see if you decide to go into these woods. But one of the scariest legends that originated
in this forest is about Amy Robsart. She mysteriously died of a broken neck but
she confronted her husband as a ghost and told him that he will join her in ten days. And sure enough, she died after becoming ill
with unknown reasons. But it is also said that anyone who walks
into this forest and sees Amy Robsart will die shortly after. So yeah, my recommendation would be to stay
far away from these woods. The Freeton-Fall river State forest is in
at number 7. This forest is known as a paranormal breeding
ground. It is believed to be the sire of a bunch of
Satanic murders that occured in the 70’s and 80’s. There have been creepy UFO sightings here,
poltergeist activity and fireballs emerging from nowhere. The forest is also said to be the home to
a race of humanoid creatures known as Pikwedgies. These creatures look like troll beats that
are known to cause trouble. They will intentionally startle people, throw
rocks or sand in their faces, push or shove them, kidnap them, hurl them from cliffs,
wrestle with them or even attack them with knives or spears. These creatures have been blamed for a lot
of deaths that occured here and people still report seeing them in this forest. The Devil’s tramping ground curses us in
at number 6. Located in North Carolina, these woods are
known as one of the most haunted places in this state. The Devils Tramping ground is located deep
within a forest but it is a perfectly round 40 foot circle. And this circle doesn’t have one single
flower, weed or blade of grass. That’s because anything that gets planted
here will wither and die. If that doesn’t seem strange to you, if
you put an object in the circle before sunset, it will violently be thrown out of the circle
before sunrise. When dogs get too close to the circle they
will whimper and bark and refuse to go in. People have tried to spend the night in the
circle but no one has been able to do it or they’ve gone insane. It is believed that this is where the devil
comes out at night to do his pacing and thinking. Because of this, this area has a really bad
reputation. People have seen red eyes glowing there at
night and they can feel like something bad is about to happen. Here is a clip of two guys who thought it
would be a good idea to visit the Devil’s Tramping ground. What they found will shock you. The burial ground forest takes us into number
5. Let’s travel over to England and into the
Epping Forest. This forest is so large that its become a
very popular hideout for criminals on the run and it’s also a very notorious forest
for dead bodies. This 6,000 acre forest has been the hideout
for a lot of dangerous criminals and murderers. So yeah, this definitely isn’t a nice place
for kids to play in. On top of all that, there are hundreds of
dead bodies buried in these woods from gruesome murders. Oh and a lot of children were targeted here
by Ronald Jebson who was a very sick pedophile and murderer. It is also said that cars parked on Hangman’s
Hill are said to roll uphill when they are parked in neutral. I don’t know why you’d ever park your
car on Hangman’s Hill. That just seems like a bad idea waiting to
happen. So I guess you should never step foot into
these woods because you might not make it out alive… The screaming woods come on to this list in
at number 4. Well this sounds like the absolute worst place
to host a camping trip, am I right? The actual name of this place is Dering Woods
and it is located in Smarden, England. Hikers have said that they can hear blood
curdling screams coming from the forest at night and they can also hear footsteps and
whispers on foggy days. Apparently a man was captured and killed in
these woods by local villagers in the 18th century, and it is believed that his ghost
still holds a grudge and will do anything in his power to harm the living. While others believe that the hauntings are
caused by 20 ghosts who were found dead in this forest from a massacre that occurred
in 1948. Autopsies were done on the bodies but they
couldn’t determine a cause of death. The Dow Hill Forest comes crashing onto this
list in at number 3. This forest has had its fair share of gory
murders and lots of people have seen a headless boy wandering around in the trees and along
the path. This creepy path is known as Death Road and
if you ever find yourself walking along this path, you will feel like you are being constantly
watched over by something evil. Some people have even seen red eyes staring
at them. There is even a ghost of a woman dressed in
grey and you aren’t supposed to look or talk to her. And there is something in the air that will
make you feel like you are losing your mind. And for some, the air makes them kill themselves. And now in at number 2 we have the suicide
forest in Japan. Obviously no haunted forest list would be
complete without this infamous forest. The suicide forest can be found at the base
of Mount Fuji and its arguably one of the most scary places in the entire world. There are rumors that the iron in these woods
interfere with compasses which causes hikers to go on the wrong paths and they will go
deeper into the woods. These hikers will become so lost that they
can’t find their way out. But what makes things even worse is that this
forest has been the site of more than 500 reported suicides since the 1950’s. People claim that they can hear their spirits
scream throughout the night and you can hear necks breaking. Coming in at number 1 we have the most haunted
forest in the world, the Hoia-Baciu Woods located in Romania. If you value your life, you will never ever
step foot in these woods and I’ll tell you why. It covers 250 hectares of land and it is referred
to as the Bermuda Triangle of the country. It has a reputation for intense paranormal
activity and unexplained things have happened here. Brave people who entered these woods have
seen ghosts, faces appearing in photos, unexplained figures, and UFO sightings. If you go into this forest, you will feel
intense anxiety and feel like you are being watched. People who live near the forest are afraid
to go in because they believe that people who visit, will never return home. Some of the locals who were crazy enough to
go inside complained of having rashes, nausea, vomiting, migraines, burns, scratches, anxiety
and other weird feelings. But get this, some people even believe that
the forest is a gateway to another dimension. People have been known to disappear in these
woods and strange lights can also be seen. A five year old girl wandered into the woods
and got lost. But apparently she came out of the woods 5
years later, wearing the same clothes but she had no memory of what happened within
those five years. Ugh I’m getting goosebumps just thinking
about this haunted forest. Well there you guys have it…


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  3. There is also a haunted dessert somewhere. It caused a dog to kill his little boy and then run off and was never seen again. The story was on TLC or Discovery a long time ago. I wish I could remember where it was.

    The man whose kid died decided to get a team together and go investigate. They went and set up all this scientific equipment. And decided to camp out; That evening the people started to get at each other's throats. The man and one of his friends decided to go in town for something and as they were driving away, they saw the whole place explode in the rear view mirror. Apparently some of the equipment was set up wrong. I've never heard anything about it sense.

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  5. I visited island of the dolls and boy was it creepy. I even heard a doll laughing unexpectedly. Best moment of my life.

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  7. 3)Dow hill forest is quite close to my house in India, Darjeeling
    100% death guaranteed if any one catches a glimpse of the headless boy
    Its believed that once a man sees the boy he will appear to him again and again until he commits suicide
    The women as told by langdon is fake story but not the headless boy.
    The path he spoke about – people have found a live baby – while taking it to the city – the baby grows bigger and bigger before killing the victim who carried it on his back – while others were able to run
    And even the screams of children and peaceful funtimes of children can be heard at the victoria school nearby the forest.
    The forest lies at the top of the hill making the way towards the forest even more scarier

  8. Why was The Island of the Dolls on this list? Itโ€™s not a forest and doesnโ€™t have a forest on it

  9. So about Isla de las munecas i have a story, you know back in the days when i was 4-5 yrs kid i had a memorie about that island, i thought it was a dream but i didnt known in wotch language i was speaking. After the years gone by i saw one of youre videos about that island , and i realized that was even jet before i was borne bcs i didnt known noothing about that in fhe heart of the pannone pool in hungary/ north serbia in the early 2000's .

  10. I hike the Freetown State Forest. It is not haunted.. at least I haven't seen anything. I been there over 50 times. However my bestfriend saw a woman jump from the ledge but disappeared before she hit the water below.

  11. I have been to Devils Tramping Ground. Some type of grass grows inside of the circle, It's not perfectly round. The video showed it cleaner than normal. I have seen beer cans and bottles piled up in there along with trash like old mufflers from cars. The only thing scary are the occasional groups of people that get drunk and act stupid,

  12. Some crazy places for sure I admit I'm a curious but I know when something is not worth stumbling upon and to get out immediately and Landon keep up the great work man the channel and all you guys amazing bro

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  16. Hey! I live in NC and people have slept in the Devil's Tramping Ground overnight- sort of. It's been mentioned by people that have managed to fall asleep there that they'd wake up in the morning no longer in the Tramping Ground (like they were carried be something out of the circle to a safer sleeping spot) or they'd wake up in the night to hear singing/music from something unseen trying to get them out of the circle. Here it's believed by some that there are some nice spirits near the Tramping Ground that want to keep campers safe while they're there. This might be interesting but it also might be unnecessary dsjldjldf I don't really ever comment on videos.

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  19. I've been to epping forest so many times,and it is a nice forest if you stay on the path if you go of the path just keep on it and have more than 2 people with you

  20. I'm glad to see that The Pine Barnes made the list. I'm from Philly, so I did my share of Gothic Club hopping. Sometimes, I went to clubs in Jersey (although not too often). When my Mom found out I was going to Jersey to hang out with friends, she warned me straight up, "DO NOT GO INTO THE PINE BARRENS! DON'T MATTER IF IT'S DAY OR NIGHT, JUST DO NOT GO!". She reminded me of the story of the Jersey Devil and of other rumors that I will not go into. We also had a friend in the club scene who who loved all the old stories of The Jersey Devil, and he even thought the roof of his car might have been struck by the creature. Sadly, our dear friend later died in a car accident in New Jersey (not near The Pine Barrens, though). And he is sorely missed. He was indeed the life of the party and a great guy. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜ญ

  21. on number 6, at first i didnt see the ghost thing walking on the right side so i thought the scary thing was the ginger dude standing there.

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