Traslado de colmenas – Transfer of hives

The movement of hives in the professional beekeeping is done by access very complicated At this time we will move the hives areas of dirt roads we are entering an area where there are many dry channels and must try to get in and out before it rains because it would be impossible to go through those places at this time we had a place where water is flooded if it rains As we can see in the video transhumance it is not always on good roads. Sometimes the best flowering is in faraway places with difficult access Now we will have a kilometer route, but often do complicated routes and dirt or clay We invite all beekeepers to send their videos to the channel mundoapicola can see the work each country or region Now let’s look at another truck caravan to go to the new destination to harvest organic honey Now we look at another truck carrying 360 hives To make migration is always advised to go with a vehicle movement of hives and a support vehicle for any problems On this trip we go with two truckloads of beehives and a van support for any problems enters 5000 with more technical articles and management visit the youtube channel “mundoapicola” every week three or four video climbed to beekeeping worldwide These hives are to the region of greatest flowering of the season, more honey is produced In the region where the hives are an average of 120 kilograms of honey per hive occurs in 4 months At this time we passed the area where we cores hives Nuclei (hives girls) stay in the region for better management and to prepare for the next season or replacement of any hive this season We got to where we expect the other truck and now together we go to the new destination …. the new bloom where more honey is produced in the season We prepare everything and we will look for honey to 1200 km. We invite all beekeepers to submit their videos on as beekeeping in each region and each country is made. Contact us [email protected]

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