#UCDavisLife: Majoring in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

We’re in a time where there’s a lot of
change, especially in our ecosystem and our environment, and it’s getting harder and
harder to grow crops. And sustainable ag’s main purpose is to
make it easier. I’m Chanceuse Twagirimana. I’m a peer advisor of sustainable ag and
food systems. We tackle with making more efficient ag production,
ways to solve climate change in the agriculture space, and how to get community outreach to
ag productions and to farmers. If you’re interested in ag, I would totally
recommend you to check out this major — but also into food justice, or you’re really
interested in ag economics. A problem a lot of us deal with is connecting
our research to the farmer. And I feel like that’s where sustainable
ag helps a lot, because we don’t only teach you the science. You take a lot of sociology classes. You take a lot of CRD classes. You take a lot of anthropology classes. So you find a way to talk to people without
using science jargon. We’ve been doing ag a certain way for so
long. But we can’t keep on doing the same thing
when everything else around us is changing. And that’s why I think we’re going to
be the change in the farming community.

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