UGA Horticulture Field Day

On October 6th plant fans gathered at
the Durham horticulture farm in Watkinsville for the biennial
horticulture field day. Guests split into groups and toured the farm and learned
from seven researchers about topics ranging from trap crops to woody
ornamentals to biochar. The field day gave researchers the opportunity to
share their work with the general public and guests the opportunity to learn from
them. So my favorite station without playing too big of favorites is probably
Dr. Carol Robacker and the reason being is she was my PhD advisor so she’s
somewhat my academic mother but also it’s really nice to have people from our
research stations and she’s stationed on our Griffin campus to kind of share
their work with us as well. I love the ornamental program. That’s kind of my
bread and butter, so Dr. Zhang and Dr. Ruter’s programs are really exciting. (Music) So the the best part this year was actually the weather, it’s a beautiful day
compared to the last open house two years ago when it rained and was 50
degrees and then the other thing is just the the number of people that show up, it’s nice to have close to 100 to see what we do out here at the hort farm. It’s just a tremendous diversity of projects that happen at the
Hort farm. It really is worth the time to come out and join us the next event will
be the first October of 2019. (Music)

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