Unboxing the Honey Badger Monolight by Interfit (our impression)

I know I’ve heard it out here yeah I I
thought I saw something the other day out in this area here yeah somewhere out
in the woods out here something’s moving on without you see that I do think
that’s it what so look she’s right there behind
that stuff is there oh yeah yeah yeah I’m not going over there
hey I’ll do it I’m not afraid of anything these are built for the
fearless and you go do it oh hey little guy hey there you are
there you are I got it it’s safe I got the honey badger mark let’s go oh here
it is the long-awaited honey badger can’t
believe I’ve got my hands on one of the first honey badgers oh it’s a brand new
product from Inter fit called the honey badger yeah so this is a really cool new
product this is a mono light that is 320 watt second yeah it’s got a really fast
recycle time at least according to the box here yes so we haven’t even used it
exactly so you know a lot of our real common light that that’s the same watt
seconds as those yeah this thing how fast does this recycle it for one second
full power one second they tell me but let’s open it up and let’s just see you
know what’s inside this beautiful packaging so you guys might be familiar
with the the inter fit ex ones this is now the new junior junior what do we
have here so we’ve got the honey badger this so we’ve got our QuickStart guide
so good so it’s sitting right there on top it looks like confuses in there yep
we got a couple extra fuse on it so just in case one thing this is actually
packed really nice yeah it much nicer than I’ve ever seen you know a light to
come so and pull that out oh well that’s got kind of that injected molded it kind
of has that that alien bees look right off but it looks it looks much like the
new digi be yeah but yeah exactly so it’s interesting here one of things that
I saw on these things this ring here yeah
this will take one of those soft or those pop-up you know well common ones
that you get the ring do or you know like your Westcott soft boxes they’ll
fit right in the out right outside but it’s also the Bowens mount which I love
that bow in tomorrow because everybody makes a Bowens mount softbox so there’s
just tons of softbox is available for this what’s in the box
so but something was under there well you take a low though so you take that
off you’ve got this is new so I have never seen a small mono light that has a
frosted dome no that’s very cool so what do you think the benefit of that is well
I mean just because like our s ones that we shoot with I I can shoot bare bulb
basically with us drop the dome and it just disperses that light at three
thicker perfectly yeah nice light pattern so if you’re an area where you
don’t need a modifier or spray and I know the competitor product does not
have that no no there’s nothing actually covering that don’t know even the high
end products like a pro photo you pay extra yep to get a frosted oh man this
is coming with this item so this is pretty cool so let’s see what’s inside
here before we actually get taking the light apart so we got another box inside
the box let’s just set this down good look at stuff oh-ho alright we got
ourselves a nice power cord he’s pretty long how long as that quart you open up
the cord this is our st. core table so if you had a st. port that you wanted to
fire this from I’m going to set this off to the side you click a pretty long
cable here let’s see what are we looking at we’re looking
looking it like a 12 or 12 foot table they’re so long that’s pretty awesome
got lots of distance in the bag oh you know what this is really cool so
the honey badgers actually come with a softbox I have never seen somebody sent
us off boxes with the moms like so this thing is like 300 bucks right front
everywhere everything here I mean that’s with the softbox yep so this is gonna
scare me because uh here’s our inner bath okay so I just release it and let
it go let’s see what happens actually I’m gonna go ahead and just go like this
oh right you got to be careful that thing could be they kind of not me am
there but this is one of those those soft boxes that are the push on type
right they fit right on this okay so the back of that the back of this tilt it
down so if you are down here goes around each corner there pull this one out
yep there we go there we go that’s not that one we have the softbox connected
right to it check that out so for 300 bucks you’re getting a
softbox the light yep so there are battles to come out light that’s pretty
incredible that’s a pretty small kid never know do this number feud let your
dentist or your wife with the Dell assistant see you opening the package oh
you don’t one I like it’s good has a good light feel so I actually can Han
hold this if I were assisting but we have we have the inner baffle yep so if
we can do that I’ll grab by Monsanto if you got sides okay so we have these
little tabs here that little latch is I found if you stick them through first go
back there we go one there take your corner take in my corner all right now
this is interesting I’m sure you guys are loving us doing
this it’s probably the most interesting things you’ve seen as less putting these
baffles on I got mine done first could you please hurry up
check out I’m doing it backwards so this is very interesting this this this
velcro is velcroed on both sides okay you can’t go wrong we just attach it
right in with tilted up since you but this velcro’s on the side there so there’s a pretty comment you’re nice to
say it on there it’s worth it all except what you do in wall yeah this or sit
down numb there we go so for that I mean I think this this is
one of those things that you can just handhold right even yeah it’s lighten up
this is how many stops this has seven stops the range of light so and it
doesn’t ten increments of ten right so you can adjust up in there now we have
in our but one of the things I know about this thing is that this has a
modeling light that 60-watt pull off the fake softbox right off so it’s not a
little bit about so I already having is sixty watt
we take off this dome without breaking it so that L you’ve got to be very
careful with these though because we found with our s1 yeah they can they
make can actually if you pull up our they fall on the floor or check out the
size that led in the center that is huge ocean sixty watt LED that should be for
the modeling light yeah that’ll definitely be like a for a video yeah
but that would be equivalent probably to like a hundred and fifty two hundred
watt yeah in condemning old and bright but I would definitely keep this dome on
always you know it comes with it on to keep it on because it protects 2/2 these
things I don’t know what in turf it charges for new flash dude if you break
it but you don’t want to break it so if you keep that dome on there yeah
everything you’re going to disperse the light better anyway so take a feel feel
that I mean it actually feels like a quality piece of equipment I prayed
every hundred bucks here’s the thing I’m thinking right now so I was just looking
the other day through B&H and I noticed that they had the nikon flashes for
their fourth of July sale right like 30 bucks off so I made it 569 four five
hundred fifty nine dollars for a flash that you stick on your first feed like
now and canons are right there same price for their top-of-the-line this
thing is $2.99 get two of these you can get two of them for the same price you
can have a little studio set up the only drawback and I don’t know if inter fit
is working on this or not but I would suggest to them that they would is some
kind of battery solution right right now these have to be plugged in if you’re
moving over from any of the palsy buff stuff you know they
make that bag of on portable power I’m going to plug it in any kind of power
source this can be plugged into so if you have a portable battery you can do
that to do a battery with us I think it’s over on the other side of the
forest there but gosh I just can’t believe for 300 dollars you’ve got all
of this incredible packaging thing I felt like I was opening up like
a new iPhone or I don’t think with all the little parts well it’s just you know
they say it’s designed in California right it’s kind of got that iPhone feel
but I say it again this is the quality of this thing for 300 bucks and what
we’re going to do we’re going to actually put it through the paces here
in a little bit yeah we’re going to play around with it but we just wanted to
give you kind of this unboxing videos so we could introduce you guys to this the
you know traffic guys showing you kind of what an HOA is but the other thing
that’s kind of cool noticing this you notice on some of our
old lights that we used to use yes right when we put them on a stand they always
kind of flies right especially you put a softbox in any soft bottle this is
actually geared your that yeah right so it’s not going to slip yeah even when
it’s loose it doesn’t slip so I think that’s pretty cool actually
and I actually love the foam that I just pulled out of the box I know that just
looking at this I probably can take an old camera bag and slip this right in I
love it when they make these nut you know molded to fit well you know what I
think I might eleking case I’ve got a 15-10 Pelican case I like carry all
sorts of stuff in this would actually fit right inside and I’ll bet it would
is yeah we’ll have to try that here so it will show you guys if it works so
that’s kind of our unboxing video I think you guys definitely want to check
it out you can check it out check it out you could check it out check it out you
go to inter fit calm and inter fit calm yes inter fit flow Pratt that’s right
calm just Google and you’ll find it there but you can actually find these
right on their website they are but yeah pretty cool it’s great product we’re
looking forward to play animal definitely R you know we’re going to
give its run through and we’ll come back with you in the next video and share
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  1. Nice, man. I was part of the product shoot and edited the videos for these. I loved working with the light and think it's a great bang for the buck! Good luck with it!

  2. The diffuser in meant t unify the pattern of light from the flash tube and modeling light for a precise and accurate viewing of the pattern of light produced by the flash. Profoto did this for ever.

  3. The Animal shelter I volunteer with purchased these lights. I use them for the first time today and had problems with the flash not recycling quick enough. They also did not fire consistently. They either didn’t fire or one light only fired. Is there a setting that I missing? Both flash heads were set on equal power. If this is not the right place to ask this question can someone please tell me where I can get more information.

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