University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus Horticulture Diploma

Hi, my name is Jessica Neerhof, I’m from Owen
Sound, and I went to the high school of West Hills Secondary School. I came to Ridgetown
because I had heard of the small area, and how the school is a nice local agricultural
school. A few of the things I love about the Horticulture program in Ridgetown is that
there’s facilities here for working in the greenhouse and on the grounds of the school.
Another thing I enjoy is how we have labs and lectures combined where we can learn and
put in pactical use what we learned in the class. We also are able to in the greenhouse
grow our own crops which we learn from start to the end when they are ready and actually
the plants behind me we grew as a class this year. Two of my favourite classes in the Horticulture
program is one the Arboriculture class. In that class we learn about the tree care and
techniques of pruning and maintaining. Also we are able to climb trees so we learn about
proper safety and climbing 30 foot trees as well for pruning. Another class that we learned
in is within Greenhouse. We learn about the structure and we also learn how to grow the
plants. The one class in greenhouse care is we worked with crops, we would grow them from
seed and then grow them to be cut flowers for our Spring Expo weekend on the school
campus. The flowers beside me the sunflower and also the snapdragon are two of the crops
my class has grown this year from seeds. One of the great opportunities we have being in
the Horticulture Diploma is that you have the opportunity to go to the Netherlands for
a three month exchange. Over there you work in a garden centre or in a crop field, what
ever it is that you chose. For me I worked in a garden centre that was 20,000 metres
square. It was awesome. The one thing I liked the most was that the people who I worked
for were very understanding and they let me work in every single department so each week
I worked in a new area and I learned so many new things. One of the cool things being in
Holland was that I was able to travel. I also went to Germany for a little bit, and I travelled
througout Holland. It has really made me understand the wonderful things and the new technology
that horticulture has to offer and how much more there is to learn as well. If you are
interested in the Horticulture Diploma or anywhere within this field I encourage you
to come to Ridgetown Campus. It has been the best decision I could make and I really enjoyed
my experience here as well.

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