USE A SCYTHE – Bees HATE MOWERS In The Bee Yard Around Beehives

Hi, welcome to the DaddyKirbs Farm. In my last episode We were doing some beekeeping and I talked about Going back and cleaning up the apiary, the weeds, and the tall grasses, the flowers around the hives with a scythe Well we’re on our way back to the hives and we’re going to try out this new scythe To see if we can clean that area up Without disturbing the bees too much. Notice that I am not wearing a beekeeping outfit I’m really planning on not disturbing the bees You got to see this. This is Tao and Maggie and My daughter just gave them pedicures Aren’t they beautiful? Standing under the shade. It is hot out here It’s about a hundred degrees. It’ll be a hundred degrees every day for a while now here in South Texas It’s one of the reasons I don’t want to wear the bee suit out here to use the scythe may be a silly choice It may be better to wear the suit, but we’re gonna try Here’s a good view of the apiary as we walk up. I Got it. Every time I sling this side around I think I’m going to cut my legs off The apiary is or the bee yard Is surrounded by this fence and the horses have done a really good job of keeping everything on the outside mowed down But on the inside we have lots of lots of tall grasses and Wildflowers. I’m getting you situated up here on the top of a fence post So that I can operate this scythe. I’ll try to get you situated here, put you on the fence I think There we go, all right Now I’m not a experienced scythe user. I just got this scythe. By the way, thank you to my Patrons over at Patreon. The pledges that you give helped me to buy camera equipment and the things that I need here on the farm To continue to do these these videos, make these Creative productions. So this was purchased from the Marugg company. I don’t know if you can see that on the blade They were really helpful. I called them and they told me what I needed and they helped me Choose what I needed on the the online form so that I would purchase the correct scythe for me, because it is by size So we’re gonna see if we can do something out here. I just got done watching a video from my buddy Huw at Huws Nursery and he was showing how he scythe Does the scything in his orchard. So I was looking at some of his techniques and I don’t know maybe I learned a little something from it and we can Get something done out here in the bee yard We’ll see. There’s a lot of bees Somehow you Huw, you Huw? Made it look so much easier than what I just demonstrated But I did get some grass cut so I’m gonna go around especially in front of the hives, which I’m a little nervous about There’s a lot of stuff growing up in front of the hives Notice the change of clothing I had to go up to the house and get, this is the vented jacket that I showed in the last video It’s a little less hot than the normal jacket just while I was moving the camera a few of the girls flew out and let me know that that my presence really was not wanted and That they were going to tease me until I changed my outfit. So here I am with a changed outfit I’m going to work in front of these hives real quick just to see if I knock some of those weeds down I am clearly not as graceful as some with the scythe and these girls really These girls really don’t don’t like me out here it’s not too bad, but there’s a few of the Bees coming out to warn me Well that worked out pretty nicely, pretty quickly right in front of that hive there I’ll get better as I work on the technique. It’s kind of fun They’re coming out a little more. I’m not too concerned about all the flowers Here you can see There’s no hive on this stand here, so We have all these flowers up in the corner But those that are directly in front of and around the hives, I do want to get those cleaned up. They get especially bothered when I’m working directly in front of the hives and that makes sense Well, it’s definitely not a perfect job, but it did the job. Now let me show you those bees. This is hive 1 Not too crazy. Coming and going like normal. Hive 2, That’s getting kind of crazy It is hot out here so they’re There working on the front of that hive To bring some air into the hive at least that’s what I’ve been told when they’re up on the front They line up and they fan into the hive Or maybe it’s just too hot in there and they’re you know taking turns hanging out outside Here’s hive 3 You can see I cut a lot of these grasses down, up here, around this pad here And also up around in front of Hive 3. I have a lot of Technique to learn with the scythe. I did manage to get it to work But I’m sure I wasn’t using it as efficiently as it could have been used but you know, it’s a process I’ll learn that. So even though it’s not a perfect job, but it is it is a job done and that scythe was a pretty nice tool for that. A lot better than bringing the string trimmer back here and making a lot of noise. I definitely was not going to get this job done without the Bee jacket because all that moving and twisting and then I think the sound of the scythe might have been making them a little more aware. They weren’t bad. They didn’t come out and attack me But I probably would have gotten stung had I not went and got the the Bee jacket on The vented Bee suit link if you’re interested, it is an Amazon link. I’ll put it in the description below I will also put a link to the Marugg Company where I bought the scythe That is not an affiliate link. That’s just a thank you to them for helping me out and Yeah, thank you so much for hanging out with me here in the DaddyKirbs bee yard just trying to get a little bit of work done to make it a little more comfortable for me for when I…. They’re trying to hit my hands, my bare hands. It’s a little more comfortable for me when I come back I don’t have to walk through all the tall grass and I don’t know. Maybe it does a little something for the bees, too Someday I’ll get my gate put there and I won’t have to crawl through the fence anymore The bees are following me back from the apiary, from the bee yard Normally there’s one or two that like to hang out with me until I get up near the barn But they usually leave I figure you know, they probably figure that by the time I get to the barn I’m no longer a threat You see my glasses running down my face It’s hard to control that with the sweat running down my face You guys doing ok? Whoo I definitely have a lot to learn about how to use this tool, but I’m very glad to have it. Again, Thank you to my Patrons for Supporting me here on the DaddyKirbs Farm financially. I appreciate it. Very very very very much So a big thank you to the Marugg Company as well Marugg You’ll be seeing more of this tool on the farm here probably in the orchard and other areas where I need to have a little More control and I don’t want to run the string trimmers and lawn mowers So, yeah, just one more thing that we get to experiment with here on the DaddyKirbs Farm Thanks for being with me here on the DaddyKirbs Farm. It is a Joy to share the content with you And I love knowing that you’re there sharing this journey with me. Here on the DaddyKirbs Farm We believe that everyone has a story and every story counts Thank you so much for being a part of my story today and letting me be a part of yours I’ll talk to you soon


  1. Tao looks ashamed. 😛 Looks like you were getting better swinging that thing as you went on. 🙂 It is a process, and you will have it down pat in no time. Here is the point where I have to tell you that I just drove my 20 HP Craftsman riding lawnmower past my hives to mow (video upcoming) without them giving a single care. 😀 Thanks for the update, I look forward to see you gain more experience as the Apiary Grass Reaper!

  2. Why don't you just drop a load of pea stones in the bee yard…less work for you & less aggravation for your bees…

  3. Bees hate mowers? Can say that again… Lord knows I learnt that the hard way a few years back. I never thought of a scythe eventually I just decided to wood chip my bee yard to save time.

  4. Does a pretty good job but the lawn mower and weed eater make so much sense. With 100 degrees, bee careful.

  5. Maybe you should bring a spray bottle of sugar water, and spray the entrance with it..
    Cody from Cody's Lab said it have the same effect as smoking the bees..

  6. Yikes, that is one MEAN LOOKING TOOL! I'd kill myself! After you cut it all down, if you toss it outside the fence, will Tao and Maggie eat that? Well, better you Blake than me doing that Scythe Macarena! Everything is looking fabulous . BTW, Luke is looking GREAT! Definitely is a change and for the better, face color, relaxed face, smile is alive, he is BEAUTIFUL! Always was and is, but he seems a Happier Beautiful! I know how hard the road is caring for Luke, YOU GUYS ARE ROCKING IT! He's healing with ALL THAT LOVE, and I know the Universe is feeling it! I love you guys so much and deeply. Thank you for caring and sharing it all, you help fill some loose holes in the lives of others, a Gift and a Blessing! . . As Always . . . Be Kind, Be Light, Be Love to one another, Help, Hear, Listen, and Enjoy each other!! JUST BE! Love you Guys! <3

  7. Very nice! I am jealous of your new scythe. Mine is an old European style, but it works. I will never use a weed wacker again. You're getting it, it is a little bit of a slow learning process. Two tips, first it's so much nicer and easier to scythe early in the morning when there is still dew on the grass. The grass cuts three times better when it is wet. Second, it's all in the legs and core, the best way I can describe it is you have to sit down into it. Keep your back straight and your knees bent then use your legs to sway left and right and at the same time twist your shoulders. You hardly use your arms at all, their only job is to keep the scythe parallel to the ground.

  8. this is to much work .just put some tape on the hive to keep the bees in the hive the night before you mow it.

  9. I got to use a scythe once in my early teen years. Except for the weight at the front, which takes a bit to get use to, I found the motion to be so natural for the human body it was easy to get going and use. It seems to be a tool that doesn't need any improvements or evolution to improve it. Hmm,…my statement got me wondering just how old it really is. A fast search suggests that it was used in Rome mostly 500 BC. It gained popularity in Europe around the 8th century. From art of that time period it looks like it has changed very very little if at all.

    I think it would be safe to say it's a perfect tool 🙂

  10. Hey, I just sythed around my hives yesterday so it was fun to watch you do the same. I've only been using one for a couple years and I'm not great with the sythe, but my best tip is to use the wet stone every 3-4 minutes. Cut for a few minutes, sharpen and catch your breath, repeat. It's amazing how quickly the blade loses its edge.

  11. Awesome solution. I've made the mistake of string trimming in front of my hives without a suit only once 🙂 Do you think that you will keep using the scythe?

  12. Hi, if you are interested Justin Rhodes Channel has a very good video titled "HOW TO SCYTHE + STOP WEEDING, WATERING AND FERTILIZING". Not a bad action for first attempt though. Thanks for the video, from Australia 🐨🐨

  13. Good job Blake. However I’m thinking…if the bees are gonna attack anyway…then why not suit up and go out with a mower and get the job in a fraction of the time?

  14. About protection in the bee yards while not beekeeping. If you don't put it on the bees will mess with you. Starts with curious bees that leads to one bumping you once, twice, then wham it get's tangled in your hair and stings you. Now you're marked. If you put the protection on it's like "what bees?". For some reason once you've donned the suit the bees ignore you or at least you get better at ignoring them. We garden in the bee yards. Something about catching something digging withing a certain distance of a bee hive can get them after you. Dirt smell, bruised plants, and your breath = here they come. (sometimes)

  15. Looking at you doing the scything and trying to remember my grandmother using a scythe back in Europe when and where it was still common on small farms,, I think that the way it was done (and always by the women) was to use the hands only to hold the scythe and use the hips to cut. At least that's what I think I remember. I do know that they would be out there the whole day, whereas I think I'd last no longer than fifteen minutes. 🙂 Eventually I imagine that it gets very natural feeling. I think dry grass is much easier to cut, as well, because I remember how sharp the cut "stubble" was. This video makes me want to go out and get a scythe. Much better than buying a gym membership, and useful too. My father was an engineer and bee keeping was his hobby for over ten years. We had so much honey for so many years that it took me years before I could even looks at the stuff. Now if I had the land I'd love to follow in both sets of footsteps. Bees and a scythe. I love that this is coming around again, even if in a very small way. 🙂

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