Using Nozevit Plus To Prevent Nosema – Beekeeping

Treating For Nosema With Nozevit Plus. A Certified Organic Food Supplement. There are two types of Nosema (ceranae and Apis) The spores from both mutiply in the bees midgut. Then are passed from bee to bee as they feed each other. The spores peak during winter months. Infected bees life span is reduced 78%. To promote healthy bees during winter clustering, treatment should be done in the fall. To mix up the Nozevit Plus we’re gonna take a mixture 1:1 sugar
water which I’ve put one gallon in my pump up sprayer. This sprayer has
never been used except for sugar water. were gonna put in one table spoon of the Nozevit Plus Mix up one table spoon………There we go So now I will pour that in with my sugar water. Put the lid back on and shake it up a little bit And were ready to treat the bees. Were
just gonna spray on the tops of the frames in the brood chamber coating the bees or whatever is on top
with a little mist. You’ll want to use approximately one-third of the one gallon mixture per colony. so there would be enough here to
do three hives What you want to do is do a test spray
off to the side to make sure you’ve got a nice mist Now we want to spray the top of this down with approximately one liter Let the girls suck it up After you get it sprayed on. Were gonna go ahead and close it back up. One more treatment should be applied in ten days. Nosema Is more of a problem in northern climates. This is because the bees cluster a little longer and spread the pathogen more. This causes the bees to be sluggish come spring which leads to a slow colony buildup.


  1. They say here in France that you should never let your bees over-winter on honey that they have made from honeydew (aphid secretion). It seems that this is a sure way of getting nosema in the hive.
    Do you think that product would be authorised in organic bee-keeping?

  2. I am glad I live in an area where the bees are able to get out for a cleansing flight during the day. It make nosema much less of a problem.

  3. JC, I have several questions, again. ย With this recent cold weather, are you covering your bees and are you giving them anything other than sugar water? ย 

  4. Jason my bees are ok at this time of year. I do have a question about frames having drops of bee waste from witer hives. Do u reuse good frames that have traces of nosema droppings on wood and comb portion? shame to discard them.
    Bruno Sulikowski

  5. Hi Jason,
    I installed a way toooo early package yesterday here in the North Georgia mountains. The package came from south Georgia. Was wanting to get a jump start as lots of us do, but as the bee's were orientating i noticed they were streaking the hive. Looked like brown rain streak all over the hive. I'm puzzled to why a package from this far south would be suffering with as Nosema as warm as it gets periodically down there enabling the bee's to make cleansing flights. Buts it's obvious they have it. I don't like the idea of using antibiotics on my colonies so i purchased this Nozevit Plus a wondering how it has done for you anf your colonies? How effective has the treatments been and using it as a preventative?

    THANKS for your helpful video's!,

    Bruce Kellman

  6. Thank you Jason I will keep these treatments in mind I want my bees healthy going into winter and as keep bringing us these videos I sure do appreciate it.

  7. 1ml per 200ml syrup
    1 gal 3700 mil
    19 ml per gallon
    Treats 19 hives

    A full liter seems a lot to drench. At that rate only 4 hives per gallon.

    Keep up the great work bro.

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