Vertical Farming – Does agriculture need to change?


  1. Great video. I can't wait until the next one. Now let's get to fixing these problems. I run a solar company currently tackling these problems from the other end (energy), but we need every industry working on this and immediately.

  2. Ahhh bro , i suggest you don't advertise before uploading some solid content .

    I was watching ColdFusionTV and your channel was advertised , i love the future tech and hence i subscribed . But when i visited the channel it wasn't that attractive with just 2 contentful videos .

    Great video though , but make sure you spend money on advertisements , after you've uploaded 5-10 videos , small suggestion 😅 .

    I support you and will share it with friends .

  3. Could you post links to all your sources for us to go over? For the statistics and claims you gave in the video.

  4. Can you do a video about agroecology and agroforestry? Nicole vesper has a good video about it but it's a lecture /presentation not a high production video.

    And also can you talk about the benefits of stopping animal agriculture?

  5. Great vid; we need organic factory vertical farms (everywhere we can conceive of putting them like ocean surface, roof tops, etc.), and regenerative agriculture, habitat restoration, and squeezing food production in urban and recreational spaces.

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