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and now let’s begin with our video. Hello and welcome to TFC, I am Navin. This time let’s start our journey in America,
and watch world series baseball. Before the game, a special song is sung. This song is the US national anthem, which
was written way back in 1814 when an amateur poet Francis Key was onboard ‘HMS Minden’
ship. The ship HMS Minden was not built in America
or the UK but was actually constructed in Mumbai’s famous dockyard. Yes, the US national anthem was written in
a Made in India ship. The company which constructed HMS Minden is
now perhaps, India’s oldest active conglomerate, Wadia Group. To understand how old is Wadia Group, just
imagine that when Wadia Group started its business, the first industrial revolution
had not even started, electricity was considered just a science experiment and the well-known
Napoléon Bonaparte was not even born. The journey of Wadia group began with a letter
sent from Mumbai to Surat, dated 10 January 1736
When Lowjee Wadia, a carpenter and shipbuilder, was invited by the British to Mumbai to build
ships. Lowjee soon arrived in Mumbai and went on
to oversee the construction of Bombay Dockyard, Asia’s first dry dock. He and later his descendants, built 355 vessels
in over 160 years. Such was the quality of their ships that the
world’s second-oldest surviving warship, ‘HMS Trincomalee’ is also built by the Wadia Group. Later in 1863, Wadia’s founded a teak wood
trading company, which became the second Indian company to be listed on BSE, Asia’s oldest
stock exchange. Meanwhile, Lowjee’s great-grandsons, JBH Wadia
and Homi Wadia inspired by Indian and Hollywood movies, founded Wadia Movietone in 1933. A movie studio located in Chembur, Mumbai. Many of you will know that India’s first talkie
film was Alam Ara released in 1931. But only two years later in 1933, Wadia brothers
also released their first talkie, Lal-e-Yaman. Wadia Movietone went on to produce over 20
movies, including box office hits like ‘Hunterwali’ & ‘Miss Frontier Mail’, staring one of Indian
cinemas first female action stars, Fearless Nadia. Now from the world of movies, let’s come to
the present and see what is today’s business empire of the Wadia Group. We will begin in India, and reach the scenic
Ooty. Around 15 kilometres from here we will find
Wadia Group’s 155-hectare Dunsandle Tea Estate, one of the earliest planted tea estates in
South India. In southern India the group also owns several
more tea estates that include Singampatti Estates, in all covering over 2,800 hectares
of plantation, producing 8 million kgs of tea annually. Now let’s quickly travel to Africa and reach
the vibrant Tanzania. Here the group owns a 603 hectare, Herkulu
Tea Estate, which produces over 8 lakh kgs of tea annually. Travelling further to the United States, we
will reach the affluent Seattle. Here the group owns a controlling interest
in North America first exclusively organic tea brand, Choice, that produces over 60 million
tea bags every year. After Tea now let’s drink some Coffee. And travel back to visit the picturesque Coorg. Here the group owns eight coffee plantation
estates totalling 927 hectares of planted coffee and produces about 1000 Tonnes of coffee
per year. Moreover, the group is also one of the leading
manufacturers of Dental products, Weighing machines and even owns four auto electric
components factories in Chennai, with clients like Hero Moto Corp and TVS Motors. From Chennai, we will momentarily travel to
Singapore. Here the group owns a four-decade-old horticulture
company, Island Horticulture (Horitech), and has been involved in multiple landscaping
projects across Singapore. Now from Singapore airport let’s take a flight
back to India. We are right now in one of India’s youngest
airline, Go Air. This airline is also owned by the Wadia group. Go Air with around 11% domestic market share,
has a fleet of over 50 Airbus A320’s and has flown over 76 million passengers since its
inception in 2005. Moreover in India, the group owns the former
textile major, Bombay Dyeing, which now has transformed into one of India’s leading Bed
& Bath products retailer, with over 350 exclusive stores. Wadia group is also one of the top 4 polyester
producers in India, with around 15% market share and owns a real estate company Bombay
Realty, which is currently developing prime luxurious projects in Mumbai like the Island
City Center and Wadia International Center. Furthermore, the group also owns real estate
consultancy company, Wadia Techno-Engineering, which has been involved in over 1800 development
projects that include Grand Hyatt Hotel in Mumbai and the coveted National Stock Exchange. Not only that, Wadia group is also the largest
manufacturer of Hydrogen Peroxide in India and also owns Britannia, India’s leading food
brand. Britannia’s biscuit brands like VitaMarieGold,
Good day, 50 50, Bourbon and Little Hearts are household names across India and reach
over 50% of Indian homes. Approximately 2 million people buy Britannia
food products every day. Brittania is also the top 3 biscuit brand
in GCC countries, and has also recently set up a greenfield manufacturing plant in Nepal. Now let’s take a break to watch a cricket
match. Here, the group jointly owns a stake in the
Indian Premier League franchise, Kings XI Punjab. Wadia family also owns the popular fashion
& modelling magazine Gladrags, which organises popular beauty pageants such as Mrs. India
and Gladrags Megamodel. Over the years, Wadia family has built five
Parsi colonies for low-income families. Their colonies are built on over 35 acres
of prime land in Mumbai, housing over 1,500 flats. Now the land value alone of these properties
will be over a Billion dollar. Moreover, the family has also built, an Arts
& Science College, a Commerce College, an Institute of Technology, a Management Institute,
and also a Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Mumbai. To end this journey which began 283 years
ago, all I can say this is Wadia Family’s massive Business empire.


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