Welcome video to “Let´s talk about bees”

Hello Bee People this is “Let´s talk about bees” this is a channel dedicated just to bees, we are gonna be talking about bees, bee products, recipes, scientific research about bees and many more things we´ll try to post a video every week and spoiler alert the upcoming video is a video about why are the bees dissapearing, this is a very hot topic right now afterwards we are gonna make a video series about bee products what is bee pollen? what is honey? where is it coming from? and many more products this is a short video because is the welcoming video so make sure to hit the subscribe button, hit the notification bell as well so you won´t miss on any of the upcoming videos and leave any comments or questions on the comment section and I´ll make sure to answer them all or make a video about any of the questions that you might have, so thank you very much and until next week


  1. I am interested to know why you decided to start a video blog about bees, I hope everything with your idea will be realized !!! See you on the next video !! … please talk about comercial beekeeping and the reason of each procedure on field !!

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