What is the lemme smash meme? The history and origin of the lemme smash bird memes

Hello Internet! And Welcome To Behind The Meme!!! Today we have a look at Lemme smash Thank you so very much to each and every single
one of my amazing viewers who left comments requesting a video on this topic. You guys help shape this channel and the videos
I make so make sure to let me know what you would like to see next And maybe I’ll be
able to make it happen! You guys wanted now you have it!! Here We GO!!!! So to start this video off I need to clarify
just exactly what the word “smash” means. Because not only has the word become a part
of a meme that is starting to become popular, but it has also been a part of english slang
for quite some time now. Smash…We all know what that means right? It’s what happens when you see an annoying
fly buzzing around and you finally kill that little bastard. Or what venus and serena williams do to that
poor tennis ball on a nearly daily basis. As a matter of fact the word smash has numerous
definitions, as you can clearly see here on dictionary.com but the definition that we’re
looking for today doesn’t fall within the confines of standard definitions… oh no…. what we need is much more modern…an english
teachers worst nightmare….that’s right! Urban dictionary .com!!! When we take a visit to urban dictionary.com
and search for the word smash we get a completely different meaning. Whoah!!! Uhhh….that’s pretty blunt. Umm I guess I should have given a warning
for my younger viewers. So uhhh, warning there might be some bad language
on the screen. My bad!!! Before we move on look at that example on
here. “Damn, keri looks good as shit! I just wanna smash her!”. What did we do to our language? If somebody were to take this literal they
would be very confused. As you can see this definition of smash dates
as far back as 2003. Now don’t ask me how this word turned into
this definition because that could probably be a whole video in itself But it has, and
it’s been used this way for quite some time now. So the next time you hear the incredible hulk
say smash…you may wanna question what he means. “Hulk Smash!!!!” All I’m saying is if the hulk says smash
around you…you better start running and cover your butthole or vag because there’s
no recovering with that guy…just saying. So now that we understand just exactly what
smash means it brings us to its current use within a popular meme known as “lemme smash”. By putting two and two together we can conclude
that the term lemme smash is basically a request to bang! And to my younger viewers who don’t fully
understand what the word bang means go ask your parents about the birds and the bees,
or you can watch mtv for like 2 mins to understand. That’s what I did! The term became identified with a new meme
on November 16th 2016 when youtuber incept uploaded a remixed video of a video that was
originally on the bbc earth channel titled “bird seduction techniques” in which two
male birds are building a nest so they can seduce females. “what will the master make of his visitor” in the video that incept made he added humorous
text to speech audio and made one of the birds a girl creating a new meme in the process. “lemme smash. please. No ron. Go find becky. you want sum fuk?” Since then others have taken the original
video and remixed it in strange ways using the video or sometimes just the audio. we’re number lemme smash we are lemme smash Various youtubers have taken inspiration from
the original video and created their own versions with new footage and storylines. what is it ron? Can I smash? Your tail is small. What? please. Ok but I want sticks and some people have even taken my childhood
and given it a whole different meaning. “lemme smash. please. No ron. Go find becky. you want sum fuk?” The meme has began to vary in different ways
but usually follows the format of text to speech audio and a males pursuit of the pearly
gates of heaven known as vagina and the lengths they are willing to go to obtain it…birds
or humans, man or woman, gay or straight, we’re all animals and can relate to our
buddy here. So there you have it!! Lemme smash started off as a term that somebody
may use while wanting to play a video game and has evolved into a completely different
meaning becoming a meme along the way!!!! But hey!!! That’s the internet for you and on the internet
memes are king!! Thank you all so very much for watching! make
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memes and trends!!! Who knows you may learn about something you
never knew about before!! I’ll catch you beautiful people next time lemme smash lemme smash lemme smash lemme
smash lemme smash lem smas le sm le sm le sm Please


  1. 3:05 the beginning second is me in bed the the end of the second is when i hear something move in the kitchen

  2. Im A Kid And My Freind And Me Were Playing Gta 5 On The Playground And Then He Had A 🔨 And Said I'ma Smash Ur Girlfriend I Was Like… u WOT M8?

  3. Me: Lemme Smash
    Crush: okay, im letting you smash

    Me-smashes chair into ground
    Crush: Good job, now buy a new one

  4. Why with birds though? Why not lions or something like that?
    Oooh Ik why because they’re trying to turn something super adorable to something suddenly super quirky

  5. at the end*: BUT HAY! That’s just a theory a game theory *i honestly thought he was gonna say this at the end XD

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