What Is TheLegend27 Meme? The history and origin of I’m suppose to be playing Game Of War but…

Hello Internet! And welcome to Behind The Meme! Where we take a look at the meaning and the
origin of your favorite memes and trends! Today we have a look at I’m suppose to be
playing game of war but this one player keeps kicking my ass “I’m suppose to be playing game of war
but this one player keeps kicking my ass” and “the legend 27”are two requests I
recently received an overwhelming amount of comments for. Thank you all so very much for not only taking
time out of your day to watch my videos but also letting me know what video you would
like to see next. I’m always excited to see what you guys
request,so keep em coming so we can keep growing. You wanted it, Now you have it. Here We GO!!! “I’m suppose to be playing game of war
but this one player keeps kicking my ass” refers to a line from a commercial for the
popular mobile game, Game of War:Fire Age which is a massively multiplayer online strategy
video game,try saying that 5 times fast. It’s described as a game in which you can
“Befriend, chat, help and destroy people from all over the world in this real time
game of global conquest”. From my understandings you gather resources,
build little kingdoms and then attack other peoples hard work, just to be a dick!And to
top it off it’s Free to play! But in today’s world that basically means
that they give you just enough gameplay to get addicted and want more so they can eventually
charge you. Now I know what you’re thinking, who would
pay for a free mobile game? ALOT of people, so many that reports indicate
that Game of War grosses over a million dollars a day. Which leads us to it’s evolution to a meme. You see when you have a company thats making
that much money, the best way to make more money is to advertise! which is exactly what
they did! They ran ads,and then they ran some more ads,
and then they ran even more ads.The company even ran a multi million dollar commercial
during the super bowl “The thing about empires, the bigger you
build them the more your enemies wanna knock em down” After seeing that commercial You can clearly
see the appeal of the boobs….I mean the game. In the ad it displays the awesome breasts…uhhh
i mean gameplay. They truly know how to market the cleavage…damnit
I meant product. They know how to market the product! The company has become notorious for the money
they put into marketing, spending 40million dollars on commercials in 2014 alone! Which finally brings us to”thelegend27”
and “I’m suppose to be playing game of war but this one player keeps kicking my ass”. On October 5th 2016 the game of war youtube
channel released an ad called “Campfire Stories”. In just over 2 months it has received over
43 million views!!! Yet oddly the video only has around 200 comments! Meaning Game of War is at it yet again with
their crazy marketing budget. Putting so much money behind the ad that you
more than likely have seen it play before another channels video, and most likely have
seen it more than once. Probably closer to a dozens of times. “I’m suppose to be playing game of war
but this one player keeps kicking my ass. Is it the legend27? Yeah the legend27. Who is the legend 27? Some say thelegend27 is the first game of
war player ever! Born from fire” the legend 27 was said in that commercial
because the legend 27 was a pivotal part of the legend 27 commercial, with the legend
27 being said an absurd amount of times because the legend 27 is such an awesome player that
the legend 27 can’t be compared to anybody who is not the legend 27. Now let me say this,if Ive learned one thing
throughout all my videos its that there is never an exact formula to memes. They are always unique and different from
each other which is part of what makes them so great, but there is one trait that I have
seen in a handful of popular memes. Repetition! You see When something is heard or seen many
times by a large group of people over and over, it becomes not only popular, but relatable.
and when a large group of people has been exposed to the same thing so often that it
has become engrained in their brain becoming something they can all relate to experiencing,
it has a pretty good chance of becoming a meme in this modern day meme world. Which is exactly what has happened. the opening line of the ad has become a copy
pasta appearing in comment sections all across the internet, confusing many people who are
unaware in the process, thats kinda what copy pastas do. But due to the popularity of the copy pastas
it has led the commercial itself to be turned into some strange video remixes So there you have it, “I’m suppose to
be playing game of war but this one player keeps kicking my ass” started off as an
ad from a company that has way too much money and has turned into a wacky meme that thelegend27
would be proud of. but hey! that’s the internet for you! And on the internet memes are keeng! Thank you all so very much for watching! Make sure to subscribe so you can catch my
next video and stay up to date on all your favorite memes! Who knows you may learn about a meme you never
knew about before! I’ll catch you beautiful people next time.


  1. I'm trying to play Game of War but this one player keeps kicking my ass…

    I'm trying to play FarmVille but this one player keeps cutting my grass…

    I'm trying to play football but this one player keeps catching my pass…

    I'm trying to fish but this one guy keeps catching my bass…

    I'm trying to build a house in Minecraft but this one player keeps breaking my glass…

    I'm trying to play in an orchestra but this one guy keeps cutting the brass…

    I'm trying to guard Area 51 but this one guy keeps trying to tresspass…

    I'm trying to diet but this one food keeps gaining me mass…

    I'm trying to go on a road trip but this homeless man keeps syphoning my gas…

  2. Wooh guys we gained alot of money lets spend it on advertisements….GREAT I DEA JOEL YOUR PROMOTED TO GRAPHICS MAN
    Joel:OH YEh!

  3. they say thelegend27 was the one who stream sniped ninja
    (i dunno if other ppl have commented this so sorry)
    (and yes i know what behindthememe did in his recent vids)

  4. TheLegend27 has finally been beaten.
    There is a new champion.
    His name?
    He smashes all of the dickheads.

  5. Me: Names myself thelegend27
    Also me: Does not make top score in kahoot
    Reality is often disapointing.

  6. I'm supposed to be playing fortnite but this one player keeps shooting my wood/bricks/metal. NoobMaster69…

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  8. Some say that TheLegend27 was born on his birthday, and that he stares at planes and they fall out of the sky. All we know is… HE'S CALLED THE STIG!

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