What is Xeriscape Gardening?

So, you’ve heard of xeriscape, right? pull up your lawn, throw down some rocks and call it a garden. (ugh) Well, not quite. I’m Kyla with tuja wellness dot com and I’m here with Gwen, the executive director of the Okanagan Xeriscape Association. We’re here to debunked some of those myth around the xeri – zero – zeri xeriscaping what exactly is xeriscaping?
Basically xeriscaping is gardening with the natural environment that you live in So, gardening such that you are just using the natural rainfall. and there’s seven principles of xeriscape and i think they’re fabulous. I think it’s the best way to have a
successful garden is to keep all of these so they’re planning and design practical turf areas, soil preparation,
efficient irrigation appropriate plant selection which is the
fun part mulching and timely maintenance. and, so what are some of the biggest misconceptions well like you said at the beginning
zeroscape people call it zero-scape and it’s actually xeriscape and x-e-r-i is actually the Greek word for dry, that’s where it comes from. and the big, big misconception is people
think it’s rocks, cactus, straggling plants – ugly, ugly if you follow the principles of xeriscape
you can have absolutely beautiful, lush garden in almost any style, there’s tons of
plants to choose from and i actually strongly recommend that
you don’t use rock mulch, it throws a lot of heat back on your huse and on your plants and it’s really hard to weed out
of and what are some of the positive effects on the environment? well number one you can save water and
it doesn’t matter where you live in canada you can save water the infrastructure for treated drinking
water is getting more and more expensive and cities are more and more going to
be putting restrictions on using it on outdoor irrigation so if you create a
garden right now with using this xeriscape principles your garden will be really drought tolerant no matter what
happens and you’ll have a beautiful garden even if the water is completely
restricted. (oh, wonderful) And the other positive advantages is that growing your plants using the xeriscape principles you have really
healthy happy plants so they don’t attract pests
and diseases so you don’t have to use nasty chemicals in your garden. Nice. And where can we find out more information? from the Okanagan Xeriscape dot org
website and there’s a searchable plant database
on there that will work for all of Canada. Ah, wonderful. And for Xeriscaping information in your community be sure to check out the links on tuja wellness dot com. tuja wellness dot com Happy waterless gardening!

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