What is Youtube Poop? The history and origin of YTP videos (The Grandfather Of Video Memes)

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a look at the meaning and the origin of your favorite memes and trends! Today we have a look at YouTube Poop Thank you so very much to each and every single
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so make sure to Let me know what you would like to see next and maybe I’ll be able
to make it happen! You guys wanted it now you have it!!! Here We GO!!! Youtube poop! Youtube Poop! Youtube Poop! Ive mentioned Youtube Poop so many times in
other videos that By now some of you may be thinking that our poor buddy youtube is suffering
from irritable bowel syndrome, which is understandable because I always gave vague definitions on
the subject but never truly went into detail on the topic. Well it’s finally time to explore this rabbit
hole a little bit deeper. Now to attempt to truly define Youtube Poop
videos is like attempting to throw a donkey at a basketball hoop. or beating a ghost in
a boxing match…you know what I’m doing a real bad job at trying to explain myself
,what I’m trying to say is defining youtube poop is kinda possible but at the same time
impossible. But have no fear! other people, who are much
smarter and wiser than myself have attempted to define the genre. so Let’s have a look at a couple definitions. the know your meme web page dedicated to the
topic defines the genre as “a video that has been made with appropriated footage and
collage editing techniques for the purpose of either annoying or entertaining viewers.” and the wikipedia page for youtube poop has
a similar definition defining it as “ a type of video mashup, created by editing pre-existing
media sources for humorous, confusing and shocking purposes” So to sum it all up, Youtube poops are videos
that use other video content in new and remixed ways creating a new product in the process
a product that is edited to be random, humorous and most of all bizarre. You know, kinda like that one kid in class
that would always eat the paste. Now Although the Genre is too broad to accurately
define a few patterns and techniques have emerged through it’s existence. Commonly used editing techniques used within
the genre are known as poopisms. Which quick little side note, while I was
researching this topic I was on the know your meme site and I saw this link for poopisms
I decided to click on it and when I did I went to this whole other site that I think
is the wrong site. Uhh Im not complaining or anything but uhh
I just thought it was worth mentioning. uhhhhh what were we talking about again? Right Poopisms. now Some of the defining poopisms that the
videos use are earrape, which is the process of making the audio loud to the point of distortion
Reversing clips, both audio and visual. Stutter loops, which is the process of taking
an isolated section of video and making it repeat several times. repeat several times repeat several times and also Sentence shifting, which is taking
audio from the clip or other clips and cutting them up to create a new often humorous sentence. I am a dumb ass but thats just a small handful of the commonly
used poopisms within youtube poop videos There is a much long list of all the poopisms used
on the youtubepoop wikia page if you’re interested. Along with the poopisms a handful of commonly
used source materials have helped define the genre.Some commonly used sources are The super
mario bros super show, adventures of sonic the hedgehog, billy mays infomercials, king
of the hill,,Spongebob, and Arthur, just to name a very small amount. In reality there is no limit or specification
to what you have to use to create a youtube poop video. The genre of video has been around for quite
awhile now. Although there is speculation as to when and
who created the very first youtube poop video ,what is known is that the video was first
uploaded to Youtube on November 27, 2006 which is titled “I’d say he’s hot on our tail”
and features a clip from the super mario bros 3 cartoon. “Whoah!!! I’d say he’s hot on our tail”
Grunts “Whoah!!! I’d say he’s hot on our tail” the genre of video has continued to evolve
in impressive ways, having dedicated creators and a fanbase that celebrate the funny and
bizarre videos that have been produced. These basic YTP videos have even branched
off into sub genres, the most popular of which is the Youtube poop music videos more commonly
known as YTPMV, which is the same concept as the regular poop edits but only with the
addition of music. Youtube poop videos are often classified as
being on the weird side of Youtube while this may be true there is no denying their impact
and influence on meme culture. You can clearly see their influence in many
of the recent video memes that have started to become popular here on youtube. So when you really start to think about it
in a weird way, the Youtube poop videos are kinda like the grandfather of today’s memes. So there you have it! Youtube poop videos started off as a way to
remix and edit pre-existing videos before influencing the popular meme formulas we know
and love today But Hey! That’s the internet for you and on the internet
memes are Keeeng!!! Thank you all so very much for watching, make
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  1. So you won't waste your time with this video, here's the link to knowyourmeme: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/youtube-poop-ytp
    (assuming you're literate)


    2 YEARS AGO EXAMPLE: youtu.be/XwgPraTb_64

  3. This is easily the worst definition of YTP I have ever heard. Your ear rape example was just pathetic, stutter loops should be shorter and faster and sentence shifting doesn't exist. The correct term is sentence mixing. I may not be a fan of them but acid trips weren't even mentioned! They have become very popular in the YTP community. He never mentioned the Zelda CGI games that played a huge part in the beginning of YTP. There was nothing about YouChewPoop, the most important site in YTP (RIP). This video is all around a bad way of explaining what YTP is.

  4. the most influential youtube pooper of modern day is CS188 imo..let me give your viewers some good examples of what good youtube poops are,and ill include one of my own youtube poops as well.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlnAQt3HPko (this one is mine)

  5. They aren’t funny at all, just stupid as hell. They really show how stupid people have become.

  6. I know I'm late to this, but this video is a piece of shit and you should delete your channel.

  7. For my YTPs, I will be using Dolphin Chirps for censor sounds instead of a bleep. Bleeps are overused too much and I like dolphin noises better.

  8. This explains a lot considering I was watching a spiderman ytp and it went to pirates of the caribbean and starwars

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