What makes up a native bee hive ๐Ÿ

This is a hive of tetragonula Hockingsi. I’m just going to show you the different parts. This is this is the pollen pots here, and you can you can see those straight away, because they’re lighter in color and actually Let’s pull some out See the pollens all They’ll collect that and put that back in These are honey pots Little pots filled up with honey actually build half a pot like this And then they’ll fill it up and build the sides a bit more as they go And then just cap the top you can see where they’ve capped the tops of these This is your brood here this is where the Queen lays this or cells that the workers build the queen comes and lays an egg. This here is a queen cell and that’s where the Workers make a larger cell and fill it up with a bit more food and you get a queen hatching out of there Probably not anymore cuz it’s broken This is resins. This sticky resin comes from the cadaghi tree And they also.. get a bit of that awful. Let’s have a look at it This is really awful stuff to get on your clothes because it never comes out this up here is a harder resin they use for vent holes and entrance holes and overtime it just keeps hardening up as they move bits off it. This is involucrum wax and it’s it’s used to cover the brood with that’s quite a Papery Sort of a sort of a Wax And very very smelly wax – you can use that on on the front to get bees to go Where you want them to

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