Wheat Harvesting Methods Complete Process in India & Pakistan Agriculture farming

India and Pakistan are in the world top 10 wheat producers country mostly 4 methods used to harvest wheat in South Asia harvesting wheat is a really difficult process that requires? pretty good preparation and Decent timing wheat is grown all over the world It covers more of the Earth’s surface than any other cereal crop It is only the third largest cereal crop behind maize and rice In 2016 world production of wheat was 749 million tons making it the second-most produced cereal after of maize In South Asia mostly wheat is cultivated in indo-gangetic plain the combined Delta of the Brahmaputra River Valley and the Ganga river to the Indus River Valley the region contains the subcontinent richest and most densely populated area The greater part of the plain is made up of alluvial soil Deposited by the three main rivers and their tributaries Wheat grain that yields a fine white flour use chiefly in bread and baked goods Methods of growing and harvesting wheat changed very little from ancient times the seed was once sown by hand and Harvested with the sickle, a wheat cultivator who plant very small plots of wheat for their own consumption and people who plant large fields of it the process is the same I planted about two and a half acres We are using sickle and sickle will need to be very sharp and sharpen regularly Grab a fistful of wheat and very carefully cutting away From yourself at inside Cut the wheat at ground Once you get a thick handful of wheat all going The same direction drop it on the ground in a pile and keep cuttings Second method to harvest wheat by small wheat hand cutting machine. Tractor mounted reaper third method used in India and Pakistan Weather is hot temperature around 35 to 45 degree Celsius in April and May We are making straw rope during the midday break. After cutting the wheat by three methods we tie the bundles into sheaves We’re tying the bundles into Sheaves comes along picks up the bundles and ties them into sheaves using the straw rope. We make pretty small medium and big sheaves as it is easy for wheat threshing machine After cutting and tying in bundles into sheaves Many cultivators shipped the wheat one place by donkeys tractors trolly and camel The camel facing difficulties to find work nowadays because people prefer to use Tractor trolly or other sources If dry wheat is left out in the field too long Rain, winds and storm can destroy the crop the quality of the Wheat may decrease if the wheat gets rained on and then dries again The wheat sheaves are fed into the Thresher from the fields. Wheat Thresher machine is seprating grains and wheat straw Nowdays The last method to harvest the wheat by combine harvester machine The whole process is done with one swoop by a combine which combines all of the steps including threshing and winnowing in a single pass by the machine The Wheat straw making machine complete the process of harvesting wheat The Wheat Straw made by thresher is being shipped to store by horse cot tractor Trolly, the truck supplies wheat straw to the big cities Thanks for watching my video like share and subscribe bye

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