Why Food Matters with Caitlin from Honey Hi – Kiss the Ground Business Course Stories

Food… for me I think is the most
thing in the world. I think that it connects to culture to politics, to agriculture to familial stuff, to traditions… you know, religion, I mean everything
it’s everything. My business partner Kacie and I decided to open Honey Hi at a time in our lives where the food that we wanted to eat ourselves wasn’t
really available to us. We came from totally
different industries I worked in advertising she worked in fashion we were total outsiders from from the restaurant industry but it just felt so important to us and we started this business plan because we thought that people deserve to eat high quality local produce… thoughtfully sourced. You know, we’re almost 3 years into Honey Hi being open now and we want to always be striving to continue to improve our sourcing and that’s what was so exciting about taking the Regenerative Sourcing
and Supply class because very quickly in that class you learn that it’s a constant journey, there’s not an endpoint there’s no endpoint at the
end of the class or at the end of the year or something that you’re going to reach
where you’re done where you figured it out and you checked all the boxes this things are evolving
and there’s always people striving to create better ways of producing food. So I think this class just is exciting because it gives you groundwork… a platform to start thinking about that, and shifting
the way you think about that.

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