Will Lebanon Be the First to Legalize Cannabis in the Arab World?


  1. The Middle East has been growing cannabis for generations, but some of Lebanon's most established farmers are wary of the latest talks of legalization. We went to the Bekka Valley to find out why what could happen if hashish goes legal.

    WATCH NEXT: Making Mahjoun with Ice-Water Hash — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bObwagqq0A8

  2. imagine a muslim, Christian and a jew all smoking weed on lsd then they do dmt, just imagine if it was the most powerful men of each religion it could be a game changer add in joe rogan, Joey Diaz and Duncan trussel with donaold trump. 😎

  3. Lebanon: Legalization of Cannabis, A Reality Far From Consensus


  4. I feel it in every corner, aroma of marijuana
    By now this shit should be legal on every corner
    That'll happen once they get profits off every grower. Madness.

  5. Please make an episode about how Portugal attempted to legalize it 20 years ago by decriminalizing it and failed. Almost every 2nd person is a mj or hash user in this country yet no one sees legalization coming.

  6. I am an Israeli and I cheer Lebanon for this decision.
    It will make our own politicians look even dumber with their decision to keep weed illegal.
    Our politicians think they made some sort of a breakthrough when they allowed export of medical and pseudo-decriminalized recreational(pseudo means that it's still illegal but you will have a chance to pay a huge fine and avoid a criminal process, and if you keep getting caught, they will send you to prison).

  7. Meanwhile in Germany:
    People and most Political Parties: Legalize!
    Government's drug commissioner Marlene Mortler (her whole family is working in the beer industry): "Cannabis is forbidden, because it's an illegal drug"
    Also you pay around 24€ for a gram of medicinal cannabis (for comparison: It's 7€ in the Netherlands). Something's wrong here 😀

  8. 90% of lebanese smoke hashish 😂😂😂😂 idiots think that we have a government no they only care when they smell money

  9. These farmers want to profit off of suffering! Cannabis needs to be legal worldwide, but you will always have two groups that oppose it, one group who is ignorant to the plant, and another group that is profiting from the illegality.

  10. That is not CBD oil!!! Jesus VICE!! I’m tired of your uneducated reporters. It seems like once you guys get someone who knows allot about cannabis, you can only keep them for a year or two before they want to leave your company.

  11. all this bullshit will stop around the world ones cannabis becomes legal and then more problems will come

  12. With a government like ours, i'm definitely against cannabis being legalized under its own conditions. They have either robbed or destroyed every resource we have in this country. This plant is our last hope.

  13. legalize it worldwide and let everybody grow themself weed and we would have worldpeace trust me.

  14. they're using Jet Fuel and ethanol to fucking cut the hash???… uhhh, that's not wassup… gross..

  15. I’m Muslim and I agree that it should be legal all over the world. It’s very beneficial to our health and mental state. 😊

  16. Lebanon might legalize cannabis due to an important pressure of the drugs lobby. Mainly from a poloitical party called Hezbollah

  17. any grower or producer of marijuana that gives it out for free to people in need of the medical properties is doing gods work

  18. خوانه ، الأخضر اللبناني ليس شيئًا. النرجيلة عصابة أين كنت في ؟؟؟؟؟

  19. Lets go back in time to the early 1980's in my hometown of Toronto , when the Blonde and Red Lebanese hashish was good & plentiful , easily purchased then consumed in joints or water pipe- bubblers ! Best of all was the Infamous & trippy high from the " CHERRY RED LEBANESE HASH OIL " pure THC liquid Gold in a glass vial !!!

  20. America, Canada, the biggest players of the West are legalizing this, and for once it is the UK and Europe that are falling behind on this issue.

  21. This video is proof that weed could benefit the economy of a country and yet still it's a drug and it's illegal 😩😬

  22. Everyone supporting the poor farmers without understanding a damn thing , these farmers run a monopoly that is directly linked to one of the political parties in lebanon , just like every sector in this country everything is owned by monopolies and maintained at inflated price , we have a lower buying power than most countries in the world and yet everything is super expensive .


  24. These people are just lazy like Afghans poisoning non Muslims, destroying societys. Coming from a semi infertile land we still manage to grow crops though it's tough at least society is not exploited and money goes to better life instead of conquering the world!

  25. 7:09 "Humanity is priceless".

    There's a certain way Cannabis growers view the world and it's actually pretty awesome. It's great to see that despite all the fuckery in the world today that there are people who are like this…

    Where I'm from (South Africa) we say in isiZulu: "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu" loosely translated to: A person is a person through people… Humanity!

  26. The lebanese government should legalize the medical use and the export of cannabis. Its the only thing that could save the lebanese crumbling economy and the hashish fields are already there and they are not going anywhere anytime soon so what is there to lose

  27. I swear that establishing governments to rule over US has to be the weakest and stupidest Choice mankind has ever made. And the only reason and excuse is because everyone's so fuking helpless and worthless. No one can take care of themselves, educate their own families, grow their own food, or take care of their own problems and business without calling the police and it's so pathetic that I almost want to vomit all over everyone in the world because they're so pathetic.

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