Winnipeg City Hall Bees

This will be converted into honey by dehydrating
it and by mixing enzymes from the bees stomachs into the nectar. There is a buzz around Winnipeg’s City Hall. A beehive has been installed on the second
floor of the Susan A Thompson Building. This was done through a partnership with Beeproject
Apiaries, a local beekeeping business. It features thousands of European honey bees. These honey bees are generally docile and
only sting in self-defense or to protect the hive. Unlike wasps, honey bees and bumble bees die
when they sting. They only have one sting for their life so
they are quite hesitant to use it. We are excited to have the beehive at City
Hall because it serves as a great educational opportunity for visitors and staff to experience
urban beekeeping. Did you know that honey bees pollinate one
third of the food we eat? Here at City Hall, these honey bees will forage
up to five kilometres from the hive on urban gardens, including fruit trees, basswood trees,
and flowers such as lilacs. These flowers give the honey a unique flavour
and colour. This one beehive is capable of producing 100
lbs of honey per year. Watch our social media accounts for more information
about workshops and to learn more about this honeybee hive.

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