Winter Inner Cover – Beekeeping 101 – GardenFork


  1. Great ideas! Last year I wanted to make insulated inner covers, but didn't have the extra scrap wood on hand. So I modified a couple of shallow supers to allow space for dry sugar feeding and insulation. Here's a link to what I did:
    (Sorry about the poor quality. That was a rinky-dink camera I had to use after my good one was stolen.) 🙂

  2. I understand the thick insul board for heat retention. Sure. But doesn't the top hole just let all the bees heat out anyway? If you got insulation, then you should (in theory) NOT have condensation, so why the hole? Do they need to get out in winter? Do they even want to go out in winter? They need ventilation when there is a need for ventilation, yes. But with the foam, will there even be condensation? Maybe the side walls would get damp. Just trying to figure this out. Thanks.

  3. I’m very new to beefing and living in NH am worried about my bees making through the winter. I find this particular video so helpful. Thank you

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