Wolverine vs. Honey Badger: Who Would Win? Badgers and wolverines don’t resemble each other even though they both belong to the mustelidae family that also includes skunks, minks and weasels. Like other mustelids, they have five toes on each foot and use a musky odor to mark territory, attract mates and to defend themselves. But these distant cousins live in vastly different habitats. Wolverines struggle to survive in only the wildest places They are equally renowned for their ferocity, their ability to take punishment, and their unbelievable gluttony. SIZE The wolverine is much larger; up to 107 cm in length, up to 45cm at the shoulder, and weighs up to 25 kilograms. Wolverines have a compact and powerful build that resembles a small bear. The color of their long fur ranges from blond at birth to dark brown or black with blond tips, a gray or black tail and a light face as they age. Their heads are round with dark eyes and round ears. The honey badger measures up to 96 cm is length, up to 28 cm at the shoulder, and weighs up to 16 kilograms. DIET Wolverines are omnivores: they eat both meat and vegetation. Typical meals for a wolverine include large game like caribou, moose and mountain goats; Smaller animals like ground squirrels and rodents; and even birds’ eggs and berries. They like meat best, though, and will go to great lengths to get it. Wolverines have a keen sense of smell; they can smell prey 20 feet under the snow. Wolverines also seem to be aware of how to store food. Research shows that wolverines use snow as refrigerators to keep their food fresh. During times when food is scarce, the wolverines will go back to their stockpile to and retrieve a meal. Honey badgers are generalist carnivores with an extremely wide diet. More than sixty species of prey were recorded from the southern Kalahari alone. Badgers eat a host of smaller food items like insect larvae, beetles, scorpions, lizards, rodents and birds. They will catch the larger reptiles like leguaans, crocodiles and pythonsand include the highly venomous adders, cobras and black mamba in their diet. Larger mammals like the Springhare, polecat and particularly juvenile foxes, jackals, antelope and wild cats, are also caught. RANGE & HABITAT Wolverines prefer colder areas because they use the snow for dens, besides food storage. They live in the Arctic and subarctic, in grasslands, Alpine forests, taiga, boreal forests and tundra of Europe, Asia, and in North America in the northern latitudes. Wolverines are solitary creatures, and need great swaths of territory to roam. Males mark their territory with their scent and only share their turf with females. Their territories can range from 65 km to more than 600 km. Badgers prefer dry, open grasslands, though they are very adaptable. Honey badgers are found in southern Africa. Territorial Differences The most staggering difference between these two species may be the size of territories they occupy. Male wolverines have a home range of about 920 square miles, while the territories for female wolverines is about 390 square miles. Male and female wolverines will fight other wolverines to the death to defend their home ranges. The territories of male badgers are 1 1/2 square miles, while females live in a territory of approximately 1 square mile. Badgers don’t defend their territories and their home ranges may overlap with other badgers. BEHAVIOR In terms of behavior, the wolverine is fearless. It has been recorded killing a polar bear by latching onto the throat with its jaws and suffocating the animal. Its primary means of killing is suffocation by biting the throat and not letting go, and also by crushing with its powerful jaws and specially adapted molars. Honey badgers need to be exceptionally tough to survive. Lions, leopards, and hyaenas are all well-known to attack and attempt to kill honey badgers. These attempts are sometimes successful but very often they are not. The honey badger will fight non-stop until it is dead or the attacker tires, at which point the honey badger will make a break for it. WEAPONS The wolverine’s teeth are unique. They have a special molar that is revered 90 degrees which is used for breaking through bone. Their jaws are powerful and the combination of strong jaw muscles and special molars allow them to eat every part of the animal including hooves, bones, and teeth. According to specialists , wolverine claws are believed to be semi-retractable but are actually fixed. However, the toe biomechanics effectively allows them to perform a similar action, which of course allows them to be kept sharp. These claws are also curved and therefore ideal for hooking and shredding. The honey badgers weaponry includes a set of much smaller but sharper teeth than that of the wolverine, sharp claws, and equal ferocity and stubbornness to that of the wolverine. The honey badger has a reversible anal gland. The smell produced by it is described as “suffocating.” DEFENSE The wolverine’s main defense against predators is its ferocity. It uses this together with its sharp claws, sharp teeth, powerful jaws, and thick skin and fur to protect its kills against much bigger predators, including wolves and bears. Although the wolverine is known to have a thick hide, wolverines have been recorded killed by North American porcupine quills in a number of instances. On the other hand the badger it is built to take a beating. The honey badger has an exceptionally tough, thick, and loose hide, specifically evolved to defend it against biting, clawing, and stinging. It is almost 6mm thick and extremely tough. A good example of how tough is the fact that African porcupine quills rarely penetrate it. Bear in mind that African porcupines are three times the size of their North American cousins. Their second defense is tirelessness. They can literally keep fighting for hours on end. This is a problem for a predator already battling to gnaw through the skin. The effort is tiring, and the whole time, the honey badger is struggling and counterattacking with its own claws and teeth. The third defense of the honey badger is that when attacked, it will go for its attacker’s groin. There are records from the Kruger National Park in South Africa of adult male Cape buffaloes having bled to death after being savaged by honey badgers in this manner. Who will win the fight? It is interesting to know who will win the fight between wolverine vs honey badger. Both animals have mustelids and hunt in same way. One thing which goes in favour of wolverine is its strong size. We know that Honey badger can handle the larger preys as well like lions, leopards and tigers but after seeing same specifications of immune system and hunt capability, people go with wolverine but it is not over yet. It boils down to whether the wolverine could get through the honey badger’s defenses to kill him and whether the honey badger even has the tools to kill a wolverine. In my opinion, Honey badger would win the fight as American porcupine once killed wolverine and I have seen a video in which in African porcupine cannot penetrate its quills in honey badger body and African porcupine are 3 times the size of north Americans porcupine and second point is tirelessness; Honey badger fight for hours. So, it is difficult to get control over it. It attacks on groin of larger preys and its gland produces suffocating smell as well.


  1. Wow, incredible. Great job! With the two animals, there are so many variables, that this would be almost comparable to pontificating about cosmological questions of the universe. The concept or theory of philosophical matters regarding origin, religion, etc.

  2. I love these animals they are truly amazing what I love about them is that they just don’t take no for an answer and they strategize very intelligent creatures very beautiful I would never hunt one not for $1 million

  3. Well, they gamble big time with cock fights , also dog fights, it's illegal of course. Since when has a law stopped illegal activity?? It's only a matter of time and there will be people gambling over a honey badger vs. a wolverine , fight. …. We have a comic book character named wolverine , I think it past time we have a super hero called honey badger.. what a kick ass guy he would be!!! Sounds mean as hell and bad ass , right?…

  4. Well earlier today the Wisconsin Badgers absolutely demolished the Michigan Wolverines so add that to the data.

    #GoBucks tho!!!!!

  5. I see people commenting how a wolverine can walk for hours, but fighting for hours is another thing. I have seen videos of the honey badger fight off 5 lions, and another time close to 15 hyenas. I have seen them take a bite from a king cobra and just nap for an half hour or so. It is easier for a Wolverine to get to the throat of a larger animal, but the honey badger is built low to the ground, and is just as tough. Honey badgers not only face off with larger predators then them6, but also against groups of them on a daily bases.
    Just because an animal can eat bones doesn't give it an edge. A possum can also eat any part of an animal, but will leave the back side of a raccoon behind because of its thickness. And their teeth are twice as big as a Wolverines.
    I would go with the honey badger. They are built to survive and they just don't care.

  6. The deciding factor would be that the Honey Badger don't care. Wolverines care more. Something that doesn't care will therefore be much tougher.

  7. I remember hearing a report of two honey badgers fighting a pride of lions off its kill. Lions also go for the throut but its skin is so loose and baggy it just literally turns around in its own skin and turns the tables on the lion. There is video footage of a whole pride of lions getting hold of one single honey badger. Two biting and pulling at the same time. Still couldn't kill it. Eventually all the others gave up until after a few hours it was just one male lion and the honey badger which did finish it off. The commentators said the lions were mature but young, and said given the experience most lions tend to avoid any further experiences with them. I'm not surprised as the lions didn't come through the experience unscathed either.

  8. What a fucking stupid video. Just because one wolverine apparently was killed by a porcupine your gonna say it would on average lose to a honey badger. I guess the wolverine would beat a polar bear tho since apparently one killed a polar bear. I guess that means that a honey badger would kill a polar bear. Seems perfectly reasonable LUL. I don't really care which creature would win in an imaginary fight but god damn this is just a shitty video.

  9. 8:03 The third defence of the Honey Badger is it attacks the groin of its attacker
    Know we know why Trudeau went black face lmfao.

  10. Wolverines eat skunks, so the badgers odor won't be a deterrent, if the wolverine catches a whiff of the badger, he's going to be thinking it's lunch time. Say bye-bye Honey.

  11. A Wolverine would win easily there are videos proving it one shows a Leopard killing a HB, where as there is a video that shows a Wolverine roughing up and chasing off a Mountain Lion knowing it would get killed. Plus the scumbag making the video clearly didn't do research, I've seen HB get tired I've never seen a Wolverine get tired. This guy clearly can't stand a good guy winning. A wolverine can bite threw Moose bone easily, it would get threw a HB neck no problem. The Porcupine option is bs I would need to see proof of a porcupine killing a Wolverine and even if I did doesn't mean a HB would win. A bear would wreck a HB and Wolverines fight bears with no worries.

  12. Fun fact: American Porcupines have stronger, sharper quills.

    African Porcupines are larger and possess larger quills, but those quills are meant to discourage predation from much larger predators.

    New World Porcupines have to contend with predators more relative to it's own size and therefore is equipped with adaptations suited to it's situation.

    The African Porcupine adapted to defending itself against leopards and lions, not the smaller honey badger. Tridesmen line their camps with thornbushes to dissuade large predators, but those same thornbushes do not dissuade honey badgers; not because the honey badger is a t-800 terminator sent back in time to kill john carter, but because it is so much smaller than leopards and lions.

    (also not to mention the immense difference between african porcupines and porcupines of the western hemisphere; they are not closely related and largely boil down to convergent evolution. African Porcupines are budget cosplayers in the Porcupine world)

  13. TIL A wolverine once killed a polar bear in a zoo by latching onto its throat and suffocating it to death. "Inuit natives of Alaska reported that a half-ton polar bear once crushed a wolverine to its chest, but then dropped dead when the cradled beast tore out its heart." … Badger wins by default when wolverine

  14. I seen a video where it took 6 lions over an hour to kill a honey badger grabbing him from both ends while he was fighting back every second til death.

  15. No need to worry about its hide when it can crush bones. Wolverine is built for killing, honey badger is a great survivor but it ain't walking away from that fight victorious.

  16. Just remember honey badger don't care he is badassssszz he will smash thru a pack of lions he may get kill but he won't give up.

  17. Have encountered both of these ornery critters in their home grounds and would vote for the Honey Badger hands down……! It fears NOTHING……and has proven it highly capable of dealing with jaws and claws to defeat any opponent…..! The wolverine is less so in fighting spirit, not much but less so…..!

  18. I think it would come down to which one is bigger and stronger since They are very simular in approach. A wolverine was reported being killed by a porcupine perhaps so I guess it would be good that the badger is a porcupine then right? Make sense? So let's not use that as the logic.

  19. I'm afraid I have to disagree with the narrator's conclusion. Most animals that get quilled by a N. A. Porcupine are in danger of death for very simple reasons the quills are barbed and very difficult to remove and tend to lead to serious infection. They also tend to work their way deeper into the body. I believe that unless a Honey badger has been actually been hit by the quills of a North American Porcupine the conclusion is both specious and weak.

    The wolverine is known to kill Polar Bears an apex predator up to 14 times it's size. So I would have to side with the wolverine as it is every bit as agile and ferocious as a honey badger, but out weighs it and is known to hunt other apex predators including the world's largest land predator, the Polar Bear.

  20. im going with the honey badger here…their built tough might have a bit less of a bite but they can still rip apart the flesh of a wolverine will taking loads of damage in the process.. and stamina till death is nothing to take lightly..

  21. The Wolverine will not roam freely in the African wild. The number of enemies and the ferocity of these enemies in the African wild, far surpasses what the Wolverine has ever experienced in the North American jungle, or the outback. The fast reflexes of the cats and the fact that most of these predators hunt in packs, makers it zero to no chance that a Wolverine will cling to the throat of any of these predators for more than one minute. It would be shredded in a minute by lions, hyenas and the African wild dogs. No chance.

  22. The study failed to consider that a wolverine will immediately get a hold of the badger's throat and the badger's extreme endurance will be of no use if it is not able to breathe anymore. I'm still with my boy wolverine. It kills a large moose for Pete's sake

  23. Both are vicious, but Ive seen enough to never discount a honey badger based on size and strength, they are ruthless and extremely intelligent, deadly combination in the animal kingdom

  24. Ive seen a documentary on a wolverine where it sprinted all the way up the side of a mountain without stopping and wasnt even slightly gassed at the top. A wolverine can range over nine hundred miles, its stamina means it will never stop attacking furiously. The same wolvie I saw bit and used its claws to go through through sheet ice that was as hard as glass to dig out frozen carrion. Its larger than the honey badger, stronger, even angrier and also fast enough to snag birds out of the air. If a wolvie cant kill something fast it will literally grab its jugular and hold on until its throttled. Given it can hold onto a raging polar bear I cant see the badger getting free. Wolvies also have back claws like spurs and if put on on their backs can kick through a bears neck. I love honey badgers and my jiu jitsu gi even has a picture of one, but I just CANNOT see the honey badger taking down the wolvie.

  25. ACTUALLY…I saw a video many years ago of a legit nature program where a YOUNG wolverine absolutely demolished a FULL GROWN American badger ( bigger than Honey badger).
    The fight wasn't even romotely fair. The wolverine literally yanked the badger out of it's hole and tore it apart after RAPIDLY breaking it's neck. The jaw strength of the wolverine is INSANE. I thought the fight would be fair, but it was completely one sided.
    I was very surprised.

  26. An African porcupine in the north American porcupine quills are entirely different. Some say North American porcupine is far more dangerous. iI’s quills have small Barbs that will work no way deeper inside you as time goes on and are way harder to pull out and can cause infection. While African porcupines quills are larger they are smooth, so removing them is easier.

  27. Can the wolverine get past the honey badger defences and does the honey badger have the power to kill the wolverine is the question.

  28. If they ever encounter each other in the wild n open space, Wolverine will give up after some times. But in a cage, maybe eventually honey badger will lose.

  29. So after much thought and I know that this sounds generic. I think that like all other aspects of nature it would depend on the circumstances of the situation.

  30. I was told that wolverine's fur is so thick that animals of their sizes can't bite them because they can't penetrate their fur. And even if the wolverine can't get through the skin of a honey badger, it still can break his bones.

  31. funny how people ignore the REALITY that the honey badgers usually actually die the vast majority of times to all the predators we know they scuff with…
    people see a few vids here and there of a badger surviving and then think thats how it actually ends … all the time.. xb

    RISK REWARD.. this is directly related to INTELLIGENCE… predators… weigh risk with reward… if the reward is not worth it.. they dont bother… or give up…
    butt if they commit.. the honey badger dies.. all the time.. xb thats the reality…

    yes a honey badger is "fearless" butt its survival is almost always decided on the predators decisions to not waste energy for a meal..
    potential injuries or a excessive waste of energy for its meal

    also lots of animals are said to go for genitalia… in practice.. its not as easy as what it says on paper…

    again… honey badger cant really handle lions… if they COMMIT to it… honey badgers are recorded dying frequently to lions hyenas.. etc..
    these vids we see… are really just few examples on the grand scale of them surviving..

    id put my money on a wolverine… butt that doesnt mean a honey badger can win either…
    basically a shield vs sword fight… both are ferocious and fearless.. lol
    most people would go with the sword over the shield.. so again wolverine is the safest bet..

  32. Wolverine would destroy a honey badger how about honey badger vs UK badger my money on UK badger they are cute but very powerful

  33. Jaguars kill honey badgers all the time. Lions snack on honey badgers all the time. They are an upgraded badger, literally. Wolverines are on a complete different level. My money would be on a jaguar and a wolverine, not a smaller honey badger. This is kinda a bad comparison. End of the day the wolverine would have a tuff time snacking on a badger. Long fight however.

  34. How did the Porcupine win?
    If any animal bites a Porcupine and get quills in its mouth it will starve and die.
    The only way a Wolverine will eat a Moose is if it mooses was already dead.

  35. I spent more time converting every dimension given here from Metric to USA or the Imperial system: feet, inches and yards, and miles. Is the only down side from Europe to USA as the Metric system with the exception of a few numbers eludes me and I need to translate the dimensions into Imperial system or the USA system. I wish these Euro documentaries would give both the Metric System & Imperial system, so I get a handle on size & weight etc. Other than that, was a cool comparison and a good documentary. BTW the only metric system I know is socket sizes for tools, LOL….

  36. "The Honey Badger will fight non stop until it is dead" that way he says this is just badass, honey badgers give no fucks.

  37. Personal i have seen Lions and cheetahs leopards kill honey badgers! They Had no problem getting through their thick hide! A Wolverine would have no problem either! Sorry folks! I like the honey Badger to!😥 they talk about the honey Badger can fight a long time . But he can not fight a long time When his dead. I watched a lion crush one's throat very quickly. Same with a cheetah. But the honey Badger did put up a good little fight. Fearless little guy! But in the end he die😪

  38. Honey badger 🦡 🙄 duh
    “In my opinion, honey badger would either rip off the wolverines genitalia, thus causing it to bleed to death, or both would die via prolonged mutual mutilation.”
    -Rory Young, ranger and wildlife expert of over 25 years

  39. I would have to go with the honey badger. It was tough. The reason I decided on the honey badger winning is I'm pretty confident a wolverine cannot penetrate the honey badgers thick skin. Both have formidable weapons, but the wolverine significantly lacks defence when compared to the honey badger, although the honey badger is disadvantageous in terms of weapons, its weapons are enough to deal damage to the wolverine. Also its extremely unlikely the honey badger will lose in terms of endurance. The wolverine is larger and will most likely be the one attacking while the honey badger will defend so the wolverine will burn through its energy faster, generally speaking.

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