World’s Most HAUNTED Forest! – Hoia Baciu Forest (Transylvania)

(engine revs) – [Man] Whoa, whoa, whoa! – When they found the bodies
about 30 hours afterwards, with the diaries, saying that
they were going slightly mad. (animal noise) (man gasps) – [Man] Oh my god! – [Cody] Yo it just took
down a tree, that’s huge! – [Man] Geez, what the hell was that? – [Cody] It just took down a tree! – [Man] Why is someone out here at night? Oh, oh dude. – [Man] Most people don’t
come out here at night. (mumbling) – We are currently in Romania. I am feeling absolutely sick. It is the end of our Romania trip, so I’m not feeling too well. But we have a couple
more videos to film here. So today what we’re doing, is we’re going into this
place called Hoia Forest, which is supposedly the number
one most haunted forest, in all of Romania, possibly all of Europe. But basically, we have to take
the car deep into the woods, to get to the center circle, where we’re gonna start our adventure here. You can see the problem here, right now is the tires are
getting a little muddy. It’s a little bit hard
to drive on this road. We’ve been swerving all over,
just trying to get to here. We haven’t even gotten very far. But I wanted to stop here
while we have some light. It’s almost sunset, so we’re gonna be losing the sun pretty quickly. (suspenseful music) The Hoia Baciu Forest, is known as the world’s
most haunted forest. Covering 730 acres, it’s referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania. It’s named after a
shepherd who once went into the forest with 200 sheep
and they all disappeared. The locals said it was cursed and would not step foot inside. The forest has a reputation
for unexplained events, such as ghost sightings, faces appearing in photos that
weren’t visible at the time, and in the 1970’s, multiple UFO sightings. While there have been many
supposed UFO sightings here, the people who go into this forest, often come out with strange rashes. The most common theory
that people believe, is that the forest is a
gateway to another dimension, just like the Upside
Down in Stranger Things. – [Dan] It’s getting bad. – [Cody] I think we should walk it guys, we’re gonna get stuck. (engine revs) – [Man] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! – [Cody] What is in this forest? – Many, many mythical things,
apparently about this forest. But apart from the mythical
and superstitious dangers, we have real life dangers,
we have brown bears. Now, Transylvania and Romania have the biggest brown
bear colony in Europe. We also have Transylvanian wolves. We have viper snakes and many more things that could easily kill us in this forest. – [Cody] So we came prepared
with all the right equipment? – So, I’ve got thermal imaging, so we can track wherever bears have been, or if we find a bear in
the area, we can track, where it’s going.
– [Cody] Nice. – I have night vision binoculars. (unintelligible voice in distance) I have night vision binoculars, so we can see in the distance
if there’s anything there. I also have a foldable step
spade that turns into an ax, and, and some knives
because you know we are, if a bear comes at us, we’ve
got to defend ourselves. – [Cody] Exactly, so
you’re prepared for this? – I am, yeah I’m pretty prepared, yeah. – [Cody] What is this? – I don’t know, but look
how deep it goes into. This is so dense and thick, it’s insane. Like, seriously, this is. – [Cody] Shh, did you hear that? – [Josh] Yeah I don’t know what that is. – That’s a wolf! Right now we’re walking
on a pre-cut trail, but through a super, super dense forest. So, I mean, I’m hoping that
we’re gonna make a lot of noise, to keep away the snakes
and hopefully the bears ’cause the more noise you make, the more, they’re gonna go in
the opposite direction. So, we should be good
in that sense, we hope. The thing about this forest is that it is, supposedly, one of the most haunted in the whole entire world. All the locals will not go into
the area that we’re in now. It has been turned into like a bike path, on some of the more,
closer to the city end, but where we are right
now, no one is going. None of the locals are going to. There’s this giant circle in the middle, where nothing grows and we’re
trying to find this circle. Whether we can or not,
nothing grows in this circle. There’s something in the soil that causes everything
to stop growing and die. So just in the middle of the woods you’ll see a giant circle,
hopefully we can find it. But, yeah there’s just, a whole bunch of weird
things about this forest. The most famous story
of the forest is about a five year old girl who
had vanished in the forest, and then reappeared five years later, wearing the same exact clothes
and not having aged a day. Thinking she had only been
gone for just a few minutes. There’ve been over a thousand people, who have disappeared in the forest, and some found dead years later, with no signs of trauma to their bodies. It’s all like burnt trees. – [Josh] It’s all clumped together. Hear that? – [Dan] So they ran
experiments here in the 50s, where they offered people
a large sum of money, which was the equivalent
of like 100,000 pounds, if they could make it from
one side of the forest to the other in 48 hours, using only a map and a compass. Now, there was halfway points in between and when they stayed at this house, they started writing in a diary that they starting to get
weird thoughts in here. And they found the bodies
about 30 hours afterwards with the diaries saying
that they were going slightly mad, and that was the story. – [Cody] So no one ever got it? – No one ever made it through it. It drove them insane. The actual forest drove them insane. (spooky music) – [Josh] I hate spiders. – [Unknown] Yeah, me too. (distant high pitched sound) (gasps) – [Josh] What was that? That was a big noise. – [Cody] Sounds like a dog. (high pitched noise closer) (noise again) What is that? – [Josh] Big ass mutated crow. (noise again) – [Cody] It’s something in a tree. – [Josh] Call back. (mimicking animal noise) (animal noise) – [Dan] Wow! It was high pitched. – It is. Get ’em again. (mimicking animal noise) (animal noise) – [Cody] Whoa! (laughs) – [Dan] Now it’s responding. – [Josh] What the hell? – [Cody] Dude! – [Josh] I can, I’m a
bird whatever, talker. – [Cody] Yo, dude, I think
that’s a mating call. – [Josh] Uh oh. – [Cody] And he’s trying to mate with you. – [Josh] Oh no. (mimicking animal noise) – [Cody] Yo, it’s flying, it flew. That’s it! (cracking sound) – [Josh] Oh my god! – [Cody] Yo it just took down a tree. – [Dan] That’s huge,
what the hell was that? – [Cody] It just took down a tree! – [Bucky] I think it might be an owl. – [Cody] It was an owl! Did you see it take down that tree? – [Bucky] There it is! Look there. – [Cody] That’s amazing. – [Dan] Oh its up there in the tree! – [Bucky] Look at the size of it. – [Cody] Oh my god! – [Dan] Giant owl. – [Cody] It’s like Ron Weasley’s owl! Guys I don’t know if you
can see that on the screen, you gotta look directly through, yes you can, you can see it! Watch where my thumb is. Right above my thumb. You can barely see it, but you can actually visually see it. – [Dan] Oh you can’t see that. – [Cody] Look at that! – [Dan] It’s Harry Potter’s owl. – [Cody] Yeah it’s Ron Weasley’s owl. (animal sound) (Cody yells) – [Dan] Bruv, that was me. – [Cody] Yo! – [Dan] I’m trying to get it to talk. – [Josh] Freaked me out. I was like “what the
fuck” there’s another one! – [Cody] It some how ended up behind you. – [Bucky] Do you see it? – [Dan] No but it might be an owl though. – [Cody] I think it’s just the owl. So Dan has brought one
of these military grade glow sticks here, what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna drop this in the forest because we’ve been walking
for about 40 to 50 minutes. We don’t really know our path back, so what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna drop this down so that if we do end up
coming back this way, we know we’ve been this way and we can get out quickly if we need to. (mumbling) – I just hope we can spot this, you know, half a mile down deep in the forest. – [Dan] I think we can. – We’re currently walking
up a giant hill right now trying to get to the circle
that I mentioned before. We can see it on Google Maps. It’s this little circle in
the middle of the forest and that’s where we’re trying to get to because that’s where the most
amount of weird things happen so we’re trying to get there tonight. (deep breathing) (rustling leaves) (mumbling) Owl’s so loud! Shoes are literally falling
off because it’s so heavy. – [Dan] So much mud. It’s weighing me down so much. – [Cody] If it is someone else
out here or some freaky dude, when you shut our lights
off and use night vision. – [Bucky] Can you see Josh? – [Dan] Yeah you can see Josh. – [Bucky] And clear? – [Dan] Yeah. Yeah doesn’t look like
there’s anything out there. Let’s keep moving. – [Cody] I see an animal out there. I swear to god. – [Josh] Oh, there is. – [Cody] There’s an animal. Oh it’s deer. It’s just a deer. Right past that white
reflective light on the tree, there’s a deer. It scared me ’cause I just
saw these eyes come up. – [Josh] Oh yeah. – [Cody] You can see it. – [Bucky] I see it, yep I see it. It’s moving right. – [Cody] Dude my heart
was beating so fast. ‘Cause all I saw was eyes just shoot up. – [Josh] There it is. It’s moving. – [Bucky] It’s wandering off. – [Cody] There it is. – [Dan] Lil’ Bambi. (laughs) (mumbling) – [Josh] So people understand, we are literally in a
circle in the forest. – [Dan] I think that’s the center here. It’s a ritual stick. – [Josh] Never know. – [Dan] No it is! – [Josh] Yo dude…what the hell? Yeah we came outta that right there. – [Bucky] The land up
there’s pretty thick. – [Cody] So if anything happens, it would pretty much be in the middle, where the woods were… or whatever. – [Josh] Yo! I thought that was a snake! – [Cody] It looks like
a snake, but it’s not. – [Josh] Someone burnt sticks here. – [Cody] It’s a ritual stick. – [Dan] I think that
was shaped like a snake. – [Cody] Look at that! It’s like…look! Someone cut it. So it actually was used for something, probably just to stoke a fire. Or a wizard with a ritual. – [Josh] Yeah. – [Cody] Shooting fireballs out the tip. – [Josh] A fire here. A fire right there. Fire over there, they’re doing fires… – [Bucky] If you look,
they’re all made up in a line. – [Josh] Yeah but the fires are done in some sort of line though. – [Cody] It’s this
weird line of fire pits. – [Josh] Three and four. Straight down the middle. Straight down the middle. Just boom boom boom. (spooky music) – You can see any kind of heat signature. It will detect as soon
as I point it at Bucky. Yeah there ya go. – [Cody] It goes completely red. – [Dan] Detected straight away. So the base line reading
is yellow-ish green. So the fire looks completely cold. That sticks hot. – [Cody] Oh shit. – [Dan] Oh no that’s my spade, sorry. Yeah that’s my spade. My bad. Picking up a heat signature. – [Cody] We can still hear them. There is people. – [Dan] They’re actually
walking through the woods. – [Cody] Yo they’re coming closer. I hear them. I hear them talking. – [Dan] Oh they could be a
cult let’s get outta here. (mumbling) Can I see them with my light? My light can’t even show them. Why is someone out here at night? Oh, oh dude. – [Bucky] Most people
don’t come here at night. – [Cody] Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, yeah you’re right. Something’s real. Let’s just get out of here. (running) – Listen, I’ve heard bad
stories about people in here. You only come here for one
reason and it’s like cult stuff. – [Cody] Were you recording on the phone? – Yeah of course. – [Josh] Oh then we’ll put the footage on. – [Cody] Yeah we can put the footage on. – [Josh] Okay yeah if we take
this track and follow it, it will bring us back to the road. – [Cody] We made it to our car just as it was starting to downpour. We’re not sure who was in the forest or what they were doing, but it was extremely eerie
being in there at night. And I can see why the
locals would be hesitant to want to go in there. – [Josh] Alright now I have to watch out ’cause we’re gonna actually skid. – [Bucky] Oh yeah ’cause of if it’s ice? – [Josh] Yeah. – [Cody] If you haven’t seen my last video where we went to
Dracula’s Castle at night, you have to check that one out next and click the subscribe button
if you’re new to my channel. Thank you guys for watching
and until next time, explore the world. (spooky adventure music)


  1. i call bullshit on the people walking through the forest. That heat signal was from your own group just so you had something spooky to put on the video. You didnt even bother to shine your torches in their direction or call out to see if they responded. Sorry but bullshit.

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  5. Finally had the time to watch your video and it is totally awesome and breathtaking at the same time. While watching it, it almost feels like the viewer is caught inside a creepy horror movie. I'd really like to know what these other persons have done there… Perfect video Cody – keep your great work on going!!! 👍💪👏

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  9. I am glad you decided to really challenge yourself in a different way than usual I have spent most of my life in the most haunted places on Earth and I know that for certain people who are sensitive to spiritual life can really see much more than most people can doubters only need to go out and find out for themselves and fyi I always travel it alone you'll get there each challenge makes you stronger than before many blessings to you and your travels

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