Yes! Captain Seasalt and his ABC Pirates search for a Yummy Treasure on “Y” Island

(xylophone music) – Ahoy there, shipmates,
it’s Captain Seasalt here. Today we’re going to be
exploring a new island, and learning all about things
that start with the letter Y. Keep a lookout for yarn, yellow baboon, yak, yellowtail fish, and yellowthroat. I just yearn to see it all. (chuckles) Oops, time to start the show. All aboard! (upbeat music) – Land ho! – Yuck, yuck, oh yuckity yuck. There’s yucky yellow
seaweed all over the wheel. And in the yardarms, yuck. – [Ellie] Land ho! – (clears throat) Ahoy,
mateys, we’ve landed. (Pepper barks) – Where are we, Captain Seasalt? – We’ve journeyed to a brand new island. – [All] Yay! – Are we going to explore the island and search for treasure? – Why yes, Miss Maya. (coughs) You bet yer barnacles, we are! You up there, young one, pirate Ellie! Yahoo! Are you all yearning for adventure? – [All] Yes we are, Captain! (Pepper barks) – Today we are going to explore Y Island. We’re here on the map. If we follow all the clues on the map, they’ll take us to the treasure. The first thing we’re
looking for is something that starts with the letter Y. Yikes! Wait, it’s only a ball of yarn. Where on Earth did this come from? – Someone, or something,
must have thrown it. (Yerrick grunts) – Who’s that? – I know, it’s a kind of
monkey called a yellow baboon. (laughs) He looks like
he’s having a real fun time with that yarn. – (chuckles) You’re right, Pedro. And that yarn is yellow,
just like the baboon. – Yarn and yellow both
begin with the letter Y. – And they’re the first clue on our map. – Maybe the yellow baboon can tell us where the next clue is. – Hello there, may I call you
Yerrick the Yellow Baboon? (Yerrick squeaks) Yes! So, we’re looking for a hidden treasure. Can you show us the way? (Yerrick chirps) Let’s follow him. – Yonder we go! (upbeat music) – Thank you, Yerrick. (Yerrick squeaks) – Now, where is that treasure. – I see something! (Yasmine grunts) – Wow, what an unusual looking creature. – What kind of animal is it? – Yar, that is a yak. Yaks are related to cows, but this animal has
long, shaggy hair, arr. (Yasmine yawns) – Wow, did you see that yawn? Are you tired, Miss Yak? May I call you Yasmine? Yasmine the Yak? (Yasmine grunts) – Wait Yasmine, where are you going? Are you leading us to the treasure? – Shh, Sammy, let’s not yell. Let’s just follow her quietly, okay? (light music) – I think this is as far
as she’s going to take us. Let’s keep going. – Thanks for your help, Yasmine. (Yasmine grunts) (relaxing music) (fish splashes) – Yowzers, what’s that over there? – It looks like a bunch of fish. – [Maya] Yeah, it’s a
school of yellowtail fish. – [Sammy] A school, where are their books? – [Maya] Funny Sammy, but
it’s not that kind of school. When fish travels in
large groups together, it’s called a school. – Cool, I’d like to name them all, but there are so many, and
we’re running out of time. – You’re right, Ellie, the yellowtail fish are the next clue on our map. – The treasure must be nearby now. (Yurgy chirping) – Hey, where’s all that
yodeling coming from? – Let’s go find out. (upbeat music) (Yurgy chirping) Awesome! It’s a yellowthroat. – You’re right, a
yellowthroat is a songbird. – What a beautiful voice you have. May I call you Yurgy the Yellowthroat? (Yurgy chirps) – Have you seen a
treasure anywhere, Yurgy? Do you know where we can find it? (Yurgy chirps) Hey, look behind all those yellow flowers. – It’s the treasure! – You did it, thank you, Yurgy. (Yurgy chirps) – I wonder what’s inside. – [Sammy] Yellow peppers! – Yay!
– Yippee! – My favorite vegetable, right after yams. – What a super yummy adventure! (upbeat music) – [Maya And Ellie] Adios! – Bye!
– Yo ho ho! I say yay to that adventure. And those yellow peppers? Oh, yum! Did you catch all the things
that start with the letter Y? Oh great, let’s see if you
can spot the other Y words found on Y Island. (upbeat music) Now, who’s this yappy scrappy little pup? It be a Yorkshire terrier. Yorkshire terriers, also called Yorkies, are little dogs who can
grow rather luxurious hair. You see that vegetable over there? It be a yam. Yams are root vegetables,
whose name comes from the word (speaks in foreign language), meaning eat. I like to eat my yams
in a yam chowder, yum. Yo ho ho, it’s yogurt. Yogurt is a milk product that
can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with various fruits. Yarr, yacht off the port bow! A yacht is a recreational boat, meant to catch the wind in its sails and zip quickly through the water. Though I’d like to see a yacht
try to race me in my ship. Yikes, there be someone I’ve yet to see. It’s a yeti. The yeti is a mythological creature. Yetis be ape-like, and taller than humans. They live in the snowy
mountains of the Himalayas. Folks have seen yeti
footprints in the snow, but have yet to see the whole beast. You did it, shipmates. You found everything that
starts with the letter Y. Yahoo! And I hope to see you on the next island we yearn to discover. Until then, let’s yell
goodbye, as we sail off yonder. – [Children] Aye aye, Captain. (Pepper barks)


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